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    How to select the number of bits while interfacing microcontroller 8051 with memory?

    Interfacing in 8051 you didn't clear that what kind od memory you want to use. now a days, serial memories (EEPROM)s r available. These types of mem. need only 2 wire interface.the numbersr r 24C08/16/32/64/128/256/512 etc. these need I2C bus protocol.Ckeck its data sheet.
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    how to generate 10M input to the CLKIN pin?

    very simple way is to get 10Mhz use one NAND gate (cd4011) connect 10MHz XTL between in and out of NAND.(Just short the both input lines) connect 1 10Mega ohm resistor in paralle of XTL. 2 33P capacitors from both pins of XTL to GND. and get 10MHz frequency from output of NAND gate
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    Why we use MOS family if BJT has better GAIN or BW?

    Why we use MOS family? this family has no critical voltage limit. (3-18Vtyp) and low power consumption. i made a circuit using about 35 CMOS ICs. it took only 1 mA.for all ICs

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