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    Check my FET switch design

    Hi all, I'm doing a design to check the capacitance of a capacitor... And here is a working design that I used some time ago... However now my new project need to check 2 capacitors. I think I can change to a PIC that have 2 comparator. But I want to leave some flexibility as a provision for...
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    Does Simulink require Matlab to run?

    Hello all, Is Simulink a part of Matlab, or is it a sepeated product? I took a look at their product website and really confused about that. If it's a seperated product, does it required Matlab to run? Thanks.
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    What's the function of this circuit?

    Hello, Can anyone please tell what's the function of this circuit? How it works out? Thanks.
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    Some FET parameters question

    idss fet Hello, What is the meaning of Idss (Zero-Gate Voltage Drain Current) of a FET. Is it the smaller the value, the better the FET? Also what is Vgs, the smaller the better? Thanks & best regards.
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    dsPIC: Example for dsPICDEM

    After dsPIC has been hit the market for some time, now does anyone know any site that provide example/tutorial using dsPICDEM?
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    Has anyone built a PC from PIC18F8720?

    Own makes PC Had anyone build a PC from PIC18F8720? Thanks.
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    How to connect a condenser mic to pick up voice?

    Condenser MIC Hello all, How could I connect a condenser mic to pick up voice? Thanks.
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    AVR assembly language tutorial

    avr assembly language Does anyone know any site that explain AVR assembly language programming? Any pointer will be highly appreciated.
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    AVR programming in assembly: Sample needed.

    Hi all, I'm a new to AVR world. I want to start programming in assembly language. Can anyone give me any sample code to have me started. Thanks & regards.
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    What's the diference between NAND & NOR Flash?

    Can anyone explain the diference between NAND & NOR Flash? Thanks.
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    C/C++ question: How to pass a variable by reference?

    Hi, 1 year+ of assembly programming really spoil my C skill. I think there is a way to do this but forget how it can be done. If I create a variable "char buf[80];", how could I pass it to a function so that inside the function, buf can be written directly. Thanks & regards.

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