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    how to use source dspsrcs in MATLAB

    can anybody tell me how to manipulate data from sources present in signal processing in MATLAB. i want to use dspsrcs4 from MATLAB for real time application.
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    Sources from MATLAB Signal processing

    can anybody tell me how to manipulate data from sources present in signal processing in MATLAB. i want to use dspsrcs4 from MATLAB for real time application.
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    Bch encoder in watermarking

    i am doing project on watermarking using spread spectrum. watermark signal is text signal. to encode this binary signal i am using BCH encoder. this encoded watermark is supposed to converted into level 1 and -1 corresponding to 1 and 0. but after encoding this watermark signal can not be...
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    Wiener filtering deconvolution problem

    Any body here know what is wiener fitering and deconvolution Wiener filtering? Anybody having matlab code for this?
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    Simulating CPW in HFSS to find the Z0 of the line

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    WATERMARKING HELP : attacks on images

    I am interested in spread spectrum audio watermarking
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    Problem with detecting watermark with the Reed Solomon decoder

    can i get code for audio watermarking for different encoder? ---------- Post added at 11:51 ---------- Previous post was at 11:46 ---------- I can work it out with the help of my guide specialiasing on Error correcting code? but I am working on watermarking encoder where she has no idea about...
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    WATERMARKING HELP : attacks on images

    Can i get matlab code for Spread spectrum watermarking?
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    sampling theorem.............

    Sampling is 1 st step of convering analog to digital.sampling theorem is described by nyquist in order to fathfully recoveir analog signal from digital.sampling is taking sample of continuos signal at discrete time or regualr interval of time.but this interval should be chosen carefully. If u...
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    time domain vs frequency domain

    u can perceive time domain signal. like speech signal its amplitude vary with respect to time.in time domain u try tro give information of amplitude of signal with respect to its time.to understand frequency domain u must know what is frequency component of signal. Frequency component of signal...
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    Speech signal Processing

    If i want to stretch mute period in speech signal in time domain how it can be done ? please tell me if it is possible in frequency domain? is stretching time period same as time shifting?so instead of working with time domain signal, can i work with frequency domain signal? Please reply
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    HOW xcan I do these in matlab

    If I have Some image signal or any digital signal then how can I attach Error correcting Code to it.
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    What is phase coefficient

    thanks for ur reply. But I am interested in Phase coefficient in FFT results
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    What is phase coefficient

    What is phase coefficient? What is the significance of it?
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    What is Human auditory system (HAS) characteristic

    Can any body help me understanding Human auditory system (HAS) characteristic
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    digital watermarking for audio signal

    Thanks for your quick response.I got the code from the link.But main code is protected file and code which is in m file is not for watermarking
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    digital watermarking for audio signal

    I am interested in doing a project on digital watermarking on audio signal. I want to encrypt the signal then want to do embedding of watermark signal on audio signal. for embedding watermark signal many algo are available.please suggest me any one algo with matlab codes
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    dental pressure measurment

    Hey I am looking for Biomedical project. I am interested in pressure measurement between tooth.
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    beginner in embeded design

    hey hi angy?? which book for C???
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    need help on how to get IEEE research papers....

    Hey hi jignesh shah I think u r from Mumbai university.try google search of CiteseerX.follow the link after search result.

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