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    pixels in the same image are correlated but how can I visualize it?

    Hi, if the intention is only to visualize, you can try to see the difference between adjust image intensity values. you can simply use the approximate derivate, In matlab you can use function 'diff' https://se.mathworks.com/help/matlab/ref/diff.html
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    Kalman filter design for impedance measurement data

    Hi, To Model your model with Kalman filter, You will need state transition matrix and variance of measurement and process noises. If you are looking only for comparison purpose, Kalman filter is already implemented in matlab package. Check this link...
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    Help with probability

    The value of P(F=1/M=0) is zero. But why do you think it is important, since this is an event and we cant control the event. In addition,as it is shown on the network, even if F and M are dependent or independent, the probabilities of possible out comes need to be summed to one. I also don't...
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    Help with probability

    Hi, The outcomes of F are 0&1. if you need the detail. Here is the chart I collected the probability from based on the graph given on my first post. M F S T 1 1 0 0 1 0 1 1 1 1 0 1 1 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 Bernoulli distribution is used to model the probabilities. As you can...
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    Help with probability

    You are right, since the dependency is shown by an arrow in directed graphs both F&S are are mutually exclusive. Hence their probability will be the product of the P(F)*P(S). You already came up with expression for both P(F=0)& p(F=1) and I agree with the expression. But I also see some problem...
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    Video to frames in Matlab

    I think the problem is %% Determine how many frames there are mov = VideoReader(movieFullFileName); nFrames = read(mov, [1 inf]); nFramesWritten = 0; This will not give you a number instead it will give you 4-D structure. to find the number of frames use numberofframes = mov.NumberOfFrames;
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    What are the frequency components present in an ecg signal?

    Re: Fourier Transform of an ECG signal The frequency range is between dc and 250Hz. The easy way to simulate this signals is using matlab. Here is the link for ECG signal simulator https://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/10858-ecg-simulation-using-matlab
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    1/f^\alpha Noise filter

    Linear Kalman filter is perfect for linear model noise.
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    Help with probability

    Dear rahdirs, Thank you for your extra ordinary replay. I agree with your explanation. While trying for myself I made mistake on expanding the expression P(T=0/M=1) = P(T=0/F=0,S=0)*P(F=0/M=1)*P(S=0) + P(T=0/F=0,S=1)*P(F=0/M=1)*P(S=1) +...
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    Help with probability

    @rahdirs, Thank you, for your help. I dont have the answer, but could you please explain to me how you came up with the answer?
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    Help with probability

    Can any one help me to solve P(M=1/T=0)?
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    Need guide to design FIR bandpass filter using calculation or MATLAB

    fs1=0.1kHz fp1=1kHz fp2=2.4Khz fs2=3.3khz These two transition bandwidths must be the same in the window design. Hence Since all frequencies above 3.3 will attenuated by 40dB, You will meet your design requirement. - - - Updated - - - Here is the code ws1 = 0.01; wp1 = 0.1; wp2 = 0.24; ws2 =...
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    Speech Denoising based on Spectrum Substraction

    The idea is to estimate the spectral magnitude of noise using noise match filter, and making use of the fact that power spectra of additive independent signals are also additive and that this property is approximately true for short-time estimates as well. Hence, in the case of stationary noise...
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    multiplying 64bit signed number by 64 bit signed number ARM

    Thank you alex_r you have done the most part. i will takecare of HEX to BCD. Have a nice weekend!
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    multiplying 64bit signed number by 64 bit signed number ARM

    Thanks alex_r , may be i will figure out something around, Thanks again
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    multiplying 64bit signed number by 64 bit signed number ARM

    alex_r i came up with sprintf(str,"%llx%llx%llx%llx",z3,z2,z1,z0); printf ("The result of multiplication is=%s\n",str); but the result is in hexadecimal i need it decimal
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    multiplying 64bit signed number by 64 bit signed number ARM

    Thank you so much alex_r, you nailed it. i want to display the number using printf, since it is not allowed to print the whole 128 bit i am thinking to output like printf ("The result is :=%lld%lld%lld%lld\n",z3,z2,z1,z0); do you think there is another way?
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    multiplying 64bit signed number by 64 bit signed number ARM

    Thanks alex_r, I am using GNU ARM tool chain. I try to write the following code can you show me the error on the logic(algorithm) first i try to separate the result in 128 bit as a3,a2,a1,a0 each 32 bit long and the input as b(64 bit) b_low, b_hi c(64 bit) c_low, c_hi...
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    multiplying 64bit signed number by 64 bit signed number ARM

    Thanks i try to split the number but i cant hadle the carry bit and also , note also that the result will be 128 bit. do any one have idea on how to How to input 64bit number using scanf How to printf multiply the two numbers
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    multiplying 64bit signed number by 64 bit signed number ARM

    Please help! Any one knows how to multiply signed 64bit X signed 64 bit number in ARM using C or assembly , I input the two numbers as: long long int x,y;

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