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    ^^Atmega64 CameraC328 and PIR sensor^^

    May be this site can help you ? https://www.riccibitti.com/witnesscam/abstract.htm Fuji
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    Mini usb with PIC16F877A

    pic16f877 board usb Hi, Try this link Pic + USB Host https://g.fondeville.free.fr/usb.html. Fuji
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    Can't use the new Proteus 7.1 sp2 in Proton Picbasic

    Re: Proteus 7.1 sp2 Go to : https://support.labcenter.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=957 Fuji
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    Moved:How do I connect a dollar bill validator (MDB) 2 a PIC

    connecting bill validator Hi, Go to https://www.vending.org/store/index.html Or https://www.eva.be/ for MDB-ICP specifications Or Pm me your e-mail, if you need MDB-ICP v2.00 Bye Fuji
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    Looking for patch or serial number of EasyPC for Windows.

    Hi, Pm me, I have made the stuff you are looking for. Fuji
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    Codevision Avr source code

    avr source code Some projects written in C language(Codevision AVR) can be found on this site : https://instruct1.cit.cornell.edu/courses/ee476/FinalProjects/ Hope this help. Fuji

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