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  1. princez

    [moved] Xilinx Ethernet Interface

    Actually i want to transfer my data using 10G Ethernet connection. Xilinx offer variety of cores for 10G. There are some that state they are MAC and some that state the core has just PCS/PMA. What do i actually need to transfer my data from FPGA to another card, using 10G Ethernet connection?
  2. princez

    [moved] Xilinx Ethernet Interface

    Hello, I need guidance on using SFP port on ML605. I am unclear which IP core to use with it. There are a number of 1G and 10G cores available which confuses me. There are cores which state that they are MAC controllers, while some say they implement the PCS/PMA . which one do i exactly need?
  3. princez

    Damaged grounding pin of FPGA ACTEL A3P1000

    Hi, I am using A3P1000 FPGA. Somehow its pin number 1 got damaged. As I can see from the data sheet that this pin is a grounding pin of bank number 3. On the same bank, pin 17,25,1,29 and 41 are also ground. Can I leave that broken pin unconnected and sold the FPGA on my card? will it degrade...
  4. princez

    spartan 3E verilog code for analog to digital conversion

    hay every one, i am new to verilog, tried to make some small programs like clock etc. now i want to design an ADC chip as one of my course projects. actually i want to design a chip that works as and ADC if the mode pin is high and DAC if its low. plz gude me out, and suggest me that if its a...

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