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    about the leased line modem circuit

    modem circuit Hi all, Anyone has the leased line modem circuit for refer. Ths :D
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    how to do a motion sensor in 2.45GHz

    Motion sensor Hi all, Anyone know how to do a motion sensor in 2.45GHz? thanks
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    De-embeded the L and C values using HFSS

    Hi all, I'm a new guide in the LTCC design and need to desing a filter using this material recently. I don't know how to de-embed these values using the HFSS. I have try to model the capacitor and de-embed its value, but the value is big different when compare to the general formula i.e...
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    Can you tell me what is it theory

    Hi all, Could you give me some idea of the photo circuit, what is the theory behide and how to design it. many thanks
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    How to use polyphase filter ?

    To all, Who know how to use the ployphase filter ? Ths
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    How to embed the Linux OS into Arm 9 ?

    Please help Hi all, Could you tell me how to embed the linux os into Arm 9 ? Please help
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    who have the information of the UHF RFID

    Hi all, Who have the information of the UHF RFID ? Also anyone have it reader circuit example ? Thank so much !
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    How to execute the test mode of the Siemens DECT phone ?

    DECT phone help !!! Hi, Everyone, How to execute the test mode of the Seimens's DECT phone ???? Thanks
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    want waveguide to microstrip transition

    Hi, all I want to do a waveguide to microstrip transition work on Ka band. Could you provide some information to me . thanks
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    How to make a X-band VCO that works in few hundred MHz?

    Hi, all I need to make a x-band VCO, I have made one, but the tunning rang only has 5 MHz, How can I obtain a few hundred Mhz ??? Help me please !!! :cry: :cry:
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    Who use the HFSS to design E-plane waveguide filter

    Hi, Who have the waveguide filter example ? if yes, Can u give one for me ???
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    wanted """""waveguide E-plane filte

    HI, :cry: :cry: :cry: Who know where can download this e-book. waveguide E-plane filter design Thanks
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    Looking for 2.4 GHz wireless video circuit

    2.4 GHz wireless video 8O Please help .......who have a 2.4 GHz video circuit. Thanks
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    Help ---- Using BLS 2731-110 to design a power amplifier

    :lol: Hi... I use the above device to design a amplifier, but it can't work, it haven't provide s-parameter, just only the input and output impedance. Pls Help .... Thanks
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    1 to 5 power divider working in 3 GHz

    Hi all, I wnat to design a one to five power divider working in 3 GHz, it must have a good isolation on each port. ( mircostrip structure is more prefer) thanks yykk

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