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    Swtiching from Protel DXP to Cadence...

    exporting to .brd from protel I'm in the process of switching to Cadence because I work in a company that uses Cadence. I am having a HARD time trying to learn the software. I find Protel to be more user friendly than Cadence. Anyway, Can somebody point me to commands/functions/etc in Cadence...
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    Phase and voltage detector design (PLL?)

    Hello, I need to synchronize an inverter to the power grid. So far I can easily track 3-phase voltages with high immunity to noise and other power failures. I am using a abc->dq conversion (3phase to 2phase, rotating frame) and with this I can easily track the phase, the sequence and peak...
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    Analog isolation circuits: any experience on this?

    isolation circuits Hello, I have an application where I have to interface a high voltage analog signal to a DSP/Computer. I have no problem to step the voltage down to reasonable levels. Isolation is my main concern. I have tried using HCNR201 and had no success when combining with opamps...

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