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    [url]http://www.byexamples.net/forum/[/url] infuture rival Sonsivri.com

    sonsivri NEWW! https://www.byexamples.net/forum/
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    Single layer PCB and autorouter? Automatic vias - jumpers?

    single layer pcb jumper Which autorouter tool can make the best results for make SINGLE LAYER board with autoplace vias for straight line wire jumpers?
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    Atmel AVR tutorial in flash

    guide to use atmel Very nice AVR tutorial in Flash: https://www.microschematic.com/ This topic inspired by topic for PIC:
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    The best ideas in the web for make Your own PIC Devboard.

    :why not i dont know www.mikroelektronika.co.yu/english/ product/tools/easypic2/pdf/easyPIC2features.pdf 2. https://www.mikroelektronika.co.yu/english/product/tools/piceasy.htm NB! Keyboard is not best.(Need switch for drive rows from pic too)
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    Better for PIC:PicBasic Pro,Picbasic Proton Pl or Assembler?

    Which is better for first steps with PICs?

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