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    clock problem with MSP430

    hi, yes it is possible but it would also depend on additional circuitry used with msp430 some fluctuations are bound to happen. pimr
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    How to exchange data between msp430f148 and 8051?

    hi, u can use serial port to communicate data between msp430 and 8051. pimr
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    hi elton, I think it is worth doing it,i am interested in this project but all i have is PC with linux/win2k would that suffice or would it require some extra hardware? pimr
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    want a program like dvbstream

    dvbstream winxp hi, you can also use x-server based on cygwin and run dvbstream from x-server. cygwin is linux environment sitting over windows. pimr
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    Explain me this syntax from C programming

    Re: c programming hi, you cannot do it directly.ypu have to buffer the contents of the files and and then you can use strcmp.Needless to say if a file is too large this approach would not be very fruitful. pimr
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    gprs modem interface proceduer

    cellon gsm module hi, i used the module provided by wavecom it costs under 10$ and provided good performance. pimr
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    remove noise from ecg signal with matlab filtering

    matlab remove noise hi, you can get matlab programs for generating ECG using the link given below **broken link removed** as far as adding noise is concerned you can generate simple 50hz sinusoidal wave from matlab and add...
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    Looking for good tutorial/book for spectral estimation

    Re: spectral estimation hi, basically the problem is to find the frequencies present in the signal for this various spectrum estimation methods are used which try to estimate the frequencies of the incoming signal. a good intoduction can be found in book "digital signal processing" by...
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    Whats the advantage in choosing ether TI or ADI DSP ?

    Re: TI or ADI's DSP ?? hi, well that is a debatable issue! personally i find ti better becaus their support is better although they have somewhat complicated architecture but it can be utilized for better performance once u r through with it. ti chips generally consume less power and also...
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    MSP430 Programming Tutorial

    msp430 assembly reference hi, i think it is better to program in c as u need to access lot's of low level functions and c is ideally suited for that.Also which compiler are you using?does that supports c++? regards pimr
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    Looking for a source doe for h.264 encoder

    h.264 reference code hi, could anyone post a link or upload source code for h.264 encoder other than what is provided by the h.264 committe which is given below https://iphome.hhi.de/suehring/tml/download/ i heard there was reference implementation by fraunhafer institute could...
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    The best RF design book?

    cmos_pll_synthesizers_analysis_and_design_2005 hi, i think razavi is the best also pozar is good for fundamentals. pimr
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    Need information about the radar processing

    Re: About Radar processing hi, u can study a book on radar by skolonik,there is another good book on radar and optimum signal processing by van trees it is available in eda books upload/download section. basically we find the cross correlation between...
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    MSP430 Programming Tutorial

    msp430 programming tutorial hi, you can refer these books for learning c. 1.K&R C 2. C Complete Reference by Herbert Schield book by herbert schield has already been uploaded somewhere in eda forum so you can easily download it. As far as K&R C is concerned i think it was posted earlier...
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    H.264 hardware Encoder

    h264 hardware encoder hi, also see this discussion on forum good reference for understanding h.264 is the special issue of july 2003 of IEEE transactions on circuits and systems.I am also attaching overview of h.264 hope u all find it useful...
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    Car security using SMS- MCU-cell-phone interface?

    mcu to cellphone interface hi, i used the gsm module provided by wavecom it works fine with at commands and its interface is standard rs-232. pimr
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    What is a Median Filter ?

    hi, check this discussion pimr
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    beginner designing robots

    hi, you can also try lego robots to experiment, and once u r thorough with it u may design your own! studying kinematics and then building a robot is not the easiest path to follow.First get yourself familiarized with small systems,replicate them and build your own. pimr
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    Looking for resources on RF module

    Re: RF Module. hi, try chipcon rf modules u can get more information from here https://www.chipcon.com/ pimr
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    Deblocking and Deringing.

    hi, i am uploading a paper on deblocking filter as used in mpeg4-10.Generally blocking artefacts come due to block based motion compensation to remove them one uses deblocking filters. when sharp cutoff filters are used ringing occurs to prevent this filters are chosen which have smooth...

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