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    By which material i should cover IR photodiode

    led ckt with photodiode i think your IR detector(modulaor) is not working properly. As i have used an ordanry IR detector module, there is no any problem. tell me how much % rang is reduced when tube light is placed on that? if it is about 10% or less. that is no problem if it is more, then...
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    NiCAD battery charger

    i want to know about some questions about NiCAD batteries 1: how can we know that battery cell of 1.2v is charged fully. how much voltage will be when it is charged fully. 2: how can we calculate the value of resistor in series of cell to charge it completly 3: does rapid charge, reduce...
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    Help me build a weight sensor circuit

    Weight Sensor oh brother this is very easy to build, just use a spring, has the tension according to the weight of drip, then use a micro switch. it will be connected on the top of spring fitting. when drip will loose the weight bottom of spring will go up and at last it will press the switch...
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    Values of LM317 regulator that will generate Vout of 5V, 3.3V, 2.5V or 1.2V

    lm317t 3.3 v hi, Ithink the fixed value resistors r not suitable here because they can vary little bit. but here you can use variable resistors to set your required voltage value that is the best way bye
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    Looking for chips that make dtmf tones and decodes them

    need a modem chip if u want to make the modam on hobbying level just use cheap one MT8880 that is actually a DTMF tranciever
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    555 timer false triggering..?

    i also faced this problem some time before. I noted that pin 2 shloud not be opened(float). you must pull it up by connecting a resistor of 10k between pin 2 and +v. if the distance is longer then 1 foot. then you have to use a relay . connect com. terminal of relay to pin 2 and N.O terminal to...
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    I Need 3V adaptor for sony walkman.

    3v adaptör LM317 is the best solution but you can use 2 NPN transistors as darlington pair. and use one 4.2Volt zener diode.to ragulate the out put. If you do'nt understand, mail me i will send you the circuit diagram
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    function generator ic?

    generátor ic if u need sq. vawe funnction gen. the use CD4046 that has tone decoding too. its one output activates when osc frq is equal to set frq. see more in CMOS data sheet if u need saw tooth or sine vawe then XR2206 is best
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    capacitor for max232 ic?

    max232 ceramic capacitor problem u have to use tantalim cap. those would be best but i have used paper capacitors of 10U too. but tantalim r highly recomended
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    i need mV and mA schematic

    your requirement is too doubtful tell me what actually u need? what do u mean by mA source Noman
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    interface ttl and cmos logic?

    u must use a pull up resistor when u r inputing the CMOS from TTL.It could be 4K7.

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