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    Pogo pin test board design

    I'm trying to design a motherboard test board based on a 62 mil FR4 PCB. The device to be tested is a BGA-type PCB which is 40 mil FR4 and which has BGA balls on a non-standard pitch of 2 mm. Since the pitch of 2 mm is non-standard I cannot seem to find a socket that will accommodate test pins...
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    Phase detection in microwave radio

    I have a microwave radio link where the transmitter and receiver are linked together by a common clock. The transmitter upconverts a baseband low-frequency i/q signal to a higher frequency and this is sent out to the receiver which down-converts it to the same i/q frequency. With the...
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    90-degree 2-way splitter or hybrid -- low frequency?

    Hi, can somebody recommend a 90-degree 2-way splitter which is connectorized and which works down close to DC? I've been looking for manufacturers and I can't seem to find anything that goes below 1 MHz? I'd like to be able to use a 90-degree at around 10 kHz ... Any thoughts on how I may be...
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    Low cost digitizer -- sound card? 2 channel possible?

    Hello, Would it be possible to use a sound card as a low-cost digitizer platform? Would Labview be able to work with this? I realize that the frequency for sound cards is limited, usually around (less than) 192 kHz so the max input rate should be around half of that or less (Nyquist)...
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    Differential arbitrary waveform generator

    Hello, I need to find a low-cost differential arb waveform generator (also known as awg, etc.)...modulation frequency does not need to be high but ideally it should be in the form of a PCI-based card (if possible). Any thoughts on what may work to accomplish this? I looked at products by...
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    How does 10 MHz (or other freq.) reference work for phase lock

    Can somebody explain or point me to a good reference which shows how a reference signal/clock/etc. works in order to phase lock a number of different instruments together? For example this would come up when connecting the output reference 10 MHz of a signal generator to the input reference 10...
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    Amplification and DC offset circuit?

    So I have a circuit that outputs a voltage between 4 and 7 V at a constant current...this output should go into a circuit that expects a 0 to 15 V input level. I don't know ahead of time what the output between 40 and 70 will be, the low limit may be 4.5 or 5.0 V and the high limit may be 7.5...
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    How to simulate CPW impedance in ADS/Momentum ?

    Hi, so I'm trying to understand this -- using ADS/Momentum and CWP lines, I'm starting in the schematic editor, adding a CPWSubstrate and a CPW line of a certain width/gap/length which is matched to that substrate. I then simulate this and am trying to see/optimzie the CPW width/gap size(s) in...
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    Modeling a VCO in ADS?

    Hi, can anybody suggest a way to model a Voltage Controlled Oscillator in ADS? For example, this one: https://www.tlcprecision.com/Data%20Sheets/TLCO06981.pdf I don't need to model the internal workings of the VCO just the external block and have it be controlled by a sawtooth or triangular...
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    Help me create a simple circuit for obtaining a sawtooth wave

    Hi, I'd like to create a simple circuit for obtaining a sawtooth wave; I would like to have adjustable peak-to-peak voltage, a certain (given) offset, and a specific frequency... Can you guys point me out to any sites/etc. which can illustrate this design? The goal is to use it to modulate a...
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    36 GHz sensor - use VCO F/2 output for Lo drive of I/Q mixer

    For this particular application I have a VCO which outputs Fo and Fo/2 and a I/Q demodulator which has an active x2 multiplier on the LO line. Normally, if I had the I/Q demod with no multiplier, I'd have the VCO output going through a coupler to the antenna and the coupled port I would amplify...
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    Looking for part time analog (and some digital) help

    I am aware of a few projects that need help in the area of analog and digital design; this should be relatively simple power supply converter, FPGA implementation of control, and possibly setting up analog voltage patterns, etc. If this is not the proper place to advertise something like this...
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    Anybody interested in doing some work online

    I am aware of a few projects that need help in the area of analog and digital design; this should be relatively simple power supply converter, FPGA implementation of control, and possibly setting up analog voltage patterns, etc. If this is not the proper place to advertise something like this...
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    Simple temperature sensor?

    Hi, is there an off-the-shelf low-cost packagage which needs just power and outputs the temperature in analog form? I have a ADC board which I can use directly to capture and digitize the analog output. Thanks!
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    UWB signals - upconvertion and downconversion question

    Hi, Assuming one generates a UWB signal through a pulse generator. This UWB signal will have a 0 (DC) - fMax signal bandwidth which normally gets upconverted to a higher carrier fC through the use of mixers. After that it's sent through UWB antennas/etc. So the signal bandwidth that is sent...
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    Radar design with single antenna (monostatic)

    Hi, for a radar design with a single Tx/Rx antenna, a circulator is normally used... The question is -- are there any other ways to accomplish a single antenna with simultaneous Tx/Rx? A circulator is very impractical for surface-mount type technology... Thanks!
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    Finish for microstrip antenna boards?

    Hi, can somebody explain to me the differences between different finishes -- leaded, tin, gold, etc.? Does it make a difference for the performance of the antenna? Thanks and best regards!!!
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    Export HFSS to layout (DXF / Gerber)

    hfss gerber Hi, I've made some 3D designs in HFSS and now want to export them for PCB fabrication. What I had done in the past was to use HFSS -> SAT export -> AutoCad import of SAT -> DXF export -> ADS/Momentum DXF import -> Gerber export However, this doesn't work very well with what...
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    Can I do batch simulations on multiple projects in new HFSS?

    HFSS simulations Hi do you guys know if it's possible to perform batch simulations on multiple projects or multiple designs within each project in the new HFSS versions? THANKS!
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    Flexible substrate(s)

    Hi, does anybody have any experience with flexible substrate materials? For example to make an antenna on a curved surface... Which are some of the available technologies for processing such substrates, does anybody know? Or at least a list of substrates!!! THANKS!!

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