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    To Create Normally Closed Contact with Electronic components.

    Hello Everyone, I need to design a "Normally Closed" (NC) contact with Electronics components with following load requirements, Load Voltage = 230 VAC Load Current = 2 A Max. Load = AC Motor please suggest any low cost solution for the same.
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    Bidirectional TVS Diode application

    Hello, Is it possible to use Bidirectional Transient Voltage suppressor (TVS) Diode in 230V AC supply Section across primary of any transformer i.e. before rectification??? My requirement is to protect my system from unwanted Spikes & surges coming in from input supply...
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    To use electronic ballast output to get 230 V AC to run LED Tube Light

    Hi, I am having a LED Tube light which runs on 230 VAC supply. I want to use this light on conventional tube light fitting having an electronic ballast without any modification in wiring at both the ends of tube light. Can any one tell me about how to get 230 VAC from Electronic...
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    To import hatch patterns from Autocad DXF file to Altium designer 09 PCB file

    Hi, I am using Altium designer Summer 2009 for PCB Designing. I want to import a hatch pattern from a autocad DXF file to AD Summer 09 PCB file. I also want this imported hatch pattern should automatically get its respective net list in PCB file. Can any one help me for...
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    [SOLVED] To change Footprint of copmonents in Altium Designer Summer 2009

    Hi, I am using Altium designer Summer 2009 for PCB Designing. In my schematic I am using 300+ LEds, now I want to simultaneously change footprint of these 300 LEDs in AD Summer 2009. Can any one give me tips to do this ???
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    [SOLVED] Unwanted Square around pointer in Altium Designer Summer 2009

    How to remove Unwanted Square around pointer while editing PCB document in Altium Designer Summer 2009 as shown in image in following link https://obrazki.elektroda.pl/1874288800_1407499575.png
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    Finding Short circuit in PCB with Altium Designer Summer 09

    Hi, I am using AD Summer 2009 For PCB Designing. Can any one tell how to locate (Highlight) exact location of unwanted short circuit in PCB after running DRC.
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    Altium Designer Summer 2009 - Reverse Engineering PCBs

    hi, I am using Altium Designer Summer 2009 for PCB Designing. I am having a set of Gerber files and want to create a PCB Document file from this gerber data. Can any one tell me any simple procedure to do this?
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    TRIAC Based Light Dimmer

    Hi, I am designing A simple TRIAC based Light Dimmer to control 9 Different lights, my total load is 110W running on 230 VAC Supply. TRIAC used is BT137 (NXP make). My circuit is working properly but after continuously keeping circuit ON for more than 24 Hrs, TRIAC gets failed and lights...

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