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    convolution and correlation

    Hi, I need to understand the meaning of the convolution, correlation, and cross correlation. Any good text book would be great.... Thanks in advance
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    resist response to light

    Hi every body, Does any one know a resource about the response of photoresists -in the semiconductor industry- to light? Best Regards, Shady
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    8051 versus basic microcontrollers

    Hi all, I would like to know what could 8051 processor offer more than a regular microcontroller? is it more cheap? why could I choose it if I have an alternative microcontroller which can implement the same function?
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    Simulation program for PIC microcontrollers

    Hi, I am designing a new project using PIC microcontroller and an LCD, and I need to try it on a simulation program before I attempt to implement it. Does anybody know any simulation program that does this function?? thanks in advance, Shady
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    Are there microcontrollers with Bluetooth?

    Hi all, I know that some micro controllers are available with RF transmitter, correct? but, is there any which is available with blue tooth?? Another question, please: since there are hundreds of mcu types, is there any site that sort them and i choose which is good for my application...
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    Looking for a free substitute of Vmware

    hi everybody, is there a program like vmware available on the net, but free?? thanks in advance.
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    Looking for emulator to run Tcl on Windows

    Hi all, I am looking for an emulator to run Tcl scripts on windows platform. do you have any? thanks in advance, Shady

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