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    how to make a depth meter with a standard pressure sensor ?

    fluid depth meter Hi all, anybody know how made a depth meter with a standard pressure sensor ? Thanks Totue
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    rf encoder/decoder (HT12D, HT12E)

    encoder decoder rf Hi, i need to replace a Holtek HT12D and HT12E with a Pic 16f676, do you know source code for this ? Thanks Totue
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    Problem with using CAM350 for converting files

    CAM350 Problem Hi, i use CAM350 to convert a RS274X file to a RS274D file, all is ok except all pieces of copper inside copper plan and isolated from this plan not appear in the converted file, there are filled. During the conversion CAM350 print this message : "WARNING: Raster polygons are...
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    How to make positive only Gerber files using PSD14.2 ?

    Hi, i have a big problem with gerber creation because PSD 14.2 create composite layers with negative plots and my pcb manufacturer can't use this type of gerber, he need a positive only gerber files. Do you now how i can make this with PSD 14.2. thanks. Totue :(
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    Jtag flash programmer for Alchemy AU1000

    29dl640 Hi, i am looking for a jtag flash programmer for a Alchemy AU1000 with a 29DL640 on his bus. Thanks. Totue.
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    lead acid charger schematic with maintenance charging

    lead acid charger schematic Hi, i am looking for the schematic of a good lead acid chargeur with maintenance charging for a maximum battery of 65Ah. thanks. Totue.
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    underwater sonar system or fish finder design example needed

    I need underwater sonar system or fish finder design example. thanks ***************************************** Please don't reply unless you have useful information to add on this post.Thanks Any other replies are always welcome via PM.

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