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    Ultrasonic Echo Ranging Sonar

    ultrasonic echo Has anyone designed or know about Ultrasonic Sonar echo ranging I need to cover a distance from 1M to 12M this is for a collision avoidance type application. Any help or advice would be greatfully accepted or if anyone knows of another technology that would serve this purpose...
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    PC PS2 Keyboard Bus Arbitration

    keyboard bus I have an application where I have a point to point link with a PC at one end and Keyboard at the other. In the middle I have for arguments sake 2 black boxes they have bidirectional capabillites but no inteligence ie no micro. Does anyone know how to perform PS2 bus arbitration...
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    Simple amp with volume control

    Does anyone know how to make a simple 2W ish amplifier circuit that can have a volume control that is electronic say controlled from a few I/O lines or serial lines. My application is an audio output from a TV tuner that I want to amplify and control via a CPU/Microcontroller. :?:

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