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    Need circuit for microvolt detection

    Hi, I am looking for a circuit to measure the voltage of a DNA dipole. The voltage could be around 125 micro volts. but it could be better to have a circuit which could detect between 50uV to 200uV. looking for earliest replies. thank you.
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    Motion detection by Temporal differencing (matlab code needed )

    hi friends, i need matlab sample codes for: 1--Motion detection by ''Temporal differencing"" 2--- By background modeling 3--- Principle Component Analysis please help me. thanks so much in advance :)
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    [Moved] charging 12v 175ah battery with 24v ups directly.

    hi, i want to know if i can charge my 12v 175ah battery with my 24v inverter+converter directly or not. previously there were two batteries connected in series. but they were not giving the backup time as expected. they could only give half hour backup time for just 3 or 4 bulbs of 24watt power...
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    does masters in FPGA leads to communication or power engineer career

    hi, i want to apply in manchester metropolitian university uk. and i have done electronic engineering (BACHELORS). i want to apply in masters course there. but i want to change my course having major of communication engineer. please help me select the course. there are two choices. 1...
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    [SOLVED] How to test genius g540 programmer

    hi, i have baught genius g540 two days ago. and since then i am trying to blink an led on P1.B0 of atmel at89c52 on bread board. i am using mikroc pro for 8051 software for creating hex file. and using g540 software to program microcontroller. things i know for sure . those are properly...
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    Pcb wiring in software

    hello, i want to make pcb of this schematic. i have software "dip trace" please help me how to set pin diametre specifications. its urgent.
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    simple if else program for pushbuttons (password entering) help

    hi, i need some one's help in my code. my code does this: 1:it ask for entering user name: if user name is correct e.g nasir,basit,imran etc 2.it ask's for entering password otherwise go back to entering username PROBLEM: 1.it is not entering into the ''entering password'' screen. 2.i dont...
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    at89c52 how to create function for saving memory space

    hi, i have tried to create a program for password based security with lcd display. i have used mikroc. it has built in lcd program for lcd commands. but it takes too much space every time i write lcd out command in my program. my question: 1. i need a function which can show the output on lcd...
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    entering data into array/shoowing back data on lcd

    hi, i am working on a password based security system . it is a small hobby project, there are two main things to care of: 1. i am using push buttons for entering the input data. i can not use KEYPAD instead. 2. the way i am coding is not good. but i have to do it like that. though its not...
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    at89c51 help for comparing two passwords

    hi , i am working on a door lock program using 8051, the software i am using is mikroc. so far my code is working. i store a password in the program by default, and take user input from keypad, if the keypad user input is same as the default code. the door is opened otherwise not. problem lies...
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    initialization and comparison of two arrays in mikroc 8051

    void reg() //function for registeration number { for(i=1;i<=3;i++) { //numair registeration # is 782 //saeed registeration # is 287 //numair password is 456 //saeed passwords is 123 while( p1.b0!=1 && p1.b1!=1 &&...
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    AT89C52 password security- how to compare arrays for unlocking purpose

    i am using mikroc pro for 8051 software. it has built in lcd files. this is code i have created so far for entering registeration number and password and comparing the registeration number with default saved registeration number saved in an array in microcontroller. i need to know how to save...
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    what is the name of software used for ABAP(SAP)

    hi, i need to know the name of software used in abap. i just wanted to understand this language in my leisure time. any replies will be appreciable. also i will try to download the free version from internet. may be some T O R R E N t might help:) please reply soon. regards. numair - - -...
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    switching from windows to linux/unix while studying ccna

    hi, i am using windows 7 in my x64 bit machine. i am starting my ccna course after this eid. i want to know what type of operating system should i keep in my machine for best advantage of ccna course. secondly in ccna, a software named "PACKET TRACER" may be taught in the course. i dont know if...
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    pic microcontroller help needed

    uptil now, i have written this code. but it only gives me the output at portb^0 (led1)= 1 all the time when input is portc^0(sw0)=1, by changing any of these inputs, this bit goes on blinking. but i need to make a timer based on these inputs. please help timer is based on 24 hours , by changing...
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    PIC microcontroller simple program help

    hi, i m new to pic microcontroller. i am trying to program a pic microcontroller may be PIC18F458. for a simple timer program. for the following question: A timer based on 24 hours timer which has a switch to select off, a)8 hrs on and 16 hrs off b)10 hrs on and 14 hrs off c)12 on and 12 hours...
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    master studies guidline for CAD designing lover

    hi, this is a cool forum for professionals, hobbiests and students. there should be a space for career consultancy. many of the people want to ask about their future studies. like me; i am an electronic engineer. want to study in usa for my M.S i wana ask if any one know what wil be suitable for...
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    lumped RLC model in hfss

    HI, as i am new to HFSS and right now im using HFSS13, i want to design an antenna equilent of parallel simple RLC. i dont know how to do this. please tell me if anyone is having any tutorial about it. and also tell me how to model resistor , inductor and capacitor one by one? i also want to...
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    [SOLVED] atmega16 serial communication

    hi, i m new to atmega 16 programming. i want to send an ascii character say 'B' when an interrupt comes on the PORTB^2. WHICH IS WORKING PROPERLY. AND WHEN A CHARACTER IS RECEIVED SERIALLY,AN INTERRUPT INVOKES, PORTA^0 TO BE = 1 FOR SOME TIME (FOR EXAMPLE 1 SECOND) AND THEN AGAIN PORTA^0 = 0...

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