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    Why -48V are given to BTS and not +48V?

    why 48v Can anyone tell me the reason that why negative 48V are given to BTS and not positive 48V
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    how to make an electromagnet (calculations required)

    i need documentation about making a strong electromagnet with minimum possible size
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    how to make an electromagnet (calculations required)

    electromagnet calculations i want to make a strong electromagnet with smallest possible size if someone has any documentation about making an electromagnet then plz forward.
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    suggest a technique to measure distance in inches using uc

    plz suggest me a technique to measure distance between two objects using a microcontroller remember the two objects are in motion the motion is prependicular to the distance to be measured SONAR is not the solution because i have to deal with high speed upto 100km/h the velocity is...
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    how to publish paper in any international organization?

    i want to publish a paper in microcontroller but i dont know the steps to publish the paper plzzzzz help me out :cry:
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    Ideas for final year project (hardware based)

    plz give me an idea about final year project the project must be impressive one project should be mainly hardware based

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