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    What is the best C compiler for AVR?

    Re: Best C compiler for AVR I think that I@R C compiler is a good choice
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    Java Devices for Embedded Control

    :roll: I dont have any idea about that device, but perhaps a good choice is TINI JAVA by Dallas Is a good starting point to develop products with a JAVA core :D
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    New Linux distribution for Electronics

    New Linux distrubution G´day 8O from long time ago i´m working to create a new linux distribution from scratch, The intention of this distribution is to help all Electronics designers. The distribution will have all kind of EDA/PCB applications like eagle, components data sheets, mcu...
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    What is a good Pic Basic compiler?

    First of all try ccs c is a easy c compiler for beguinners and afterward your choice should be IARC C is an ansi c compiler. The code generated with IARC it´s a portable code
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    What is the best Linux distro!

    Linux distributions G´day Suse 80 proffesional is the best one long time ago i was working with rh52 62 and 72 i dont feel confortable and i´m desagree with red hat 72 i tested suse 72 and afterwards 80 professional and i´m very happy with that distribution
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    U2829 datasheet needed !

    u2829 datasheets g´day I dont know the brand of that ic (u2829) that is the correct part ? if is ok what is the brand ? I dont see any reference of that ic on my ic database by the way i have a good dual FM-pll demodulator by Phi*l*ips: TDA9813T/V3 here is the data sheet url...
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    What are the best USB parts to use?

    Usb ic G´day :D Also i´m agree to seek that aproach minimal change in your RS232 project to be USB complaint (using FTDI ic) By the way if you couldn´t find the FTDI close to your area another choice is the Philips aproach : PDIUSBD12D is easy to be integrated within mcu arena bye
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    Looking for schematics for mixed wireless transceiver

    2.4 Ghz video transceiver G´day Right now i dont have a 2.4gz shematic but i have this reference that can help you h**p://e-www.motorola.com/brdata/PDFDB/docs/MC71000FACT.pdf Is a chip that hander all the 2.4gz transceiver operations and is to easy to work with it By the way i´m...
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    electronic schematic circuits hlink

    More Links :D Sorry more links https://www.discovercircuits.com/P/photoelec.htm https://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Museum/4459/grey_pages/documentation.html https://www.aaroncake.net/circuits/ :arrow: have a look: https://www.commlinx.com.au/schematics.htm https://www.commlinx.com.au/pc.htm
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    electronic schematic circuits hlink

    G´day An electronic design circuits link https://www.bc1.com/users/sgl/html/jo4.htm

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