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    UHPI access in DSP 6727 - looks like the DSP is lost

    dsp 6727 Hi, I'm trying to establish communication with DSP 6727 with a PowerPC 82xx series host processor. I notice that after the host writes some large chunks of data to DSP, it hangs and the Ready pin will not be deasserted. It looks like the DSP is lost. Is there anyone who has made this...
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    Method to identify shared folder access in Windows

    Hi, Suppose I have shared a folder/file in a PC (operating on Windows OS), lets say PC1, which is connected to LAN. Now I access this shared folder/file by another PC (PC2) on the LAN. Is there any method to track that PC2 had accessed the shared folder/file in PC1? If so, how? and what are the...
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    Reset problem in DSP TMS320F2812

    tms320f2812 Hi, I'm using TMS320F2812 DSP and SDFlash utility for programming the flash. I'm using the Spectrum Digital's XDS510PP emulator. I've programmed the DSP such that after power on it immediately goes to power down mode (HALT mode in particular). Only NMI can wake up the device from...
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    Code Security Module in TMS320F2812

    Hi, I'm using TMS320F2812 DSP. I use the spectrum digital's SDFlash utility to program this device. When I'm trying to erase the device, it displays the following warning: WARNING: THE CONTENTS OF THE SECURITY PASSWORD LOCATIONS IN THE FLASH MAY NOT BE IN THE EXPECTED STATE. FOR FURTHER DEBUG...
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    Using NMI in TMS320F2812

    Hi, I'm using Texas Instruments DSP TMS320F2812. I need to use the NMI feature. From the available documentation I could not understand how to acknowledge the NMI interrupt once it occurs. There are acknowledge bits for all the other interrupts & interrupt groups (for example PIEACK in...
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    Serial port unlocking

    Hi, I have come across many PC based softwares that often forget to release the control over COM port once they are done with the job. In such cases, no other application can access the serial port as the windows displays that already the COM port is in use. I've observed that restarting the PC...
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    Question on interrupt processing

    Hi, When the peripheral of a microcontroller is performing a job, if a interrupt arrives, at what instance will the interrupt be serviced ? How much latency should we consider? For example, Assme that a microcontroller is sending a byte on UART. After the first bit is transferred, an external...
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    Question on TMS320F2812 - hold mode while using XINTF

    Question on TMS320F2812 Hi, In TMS320F2812 I'm using the external interface (XINTF) for accessing an external RAM. I need to use the DMA feature provided on the chip. I notice that the data sheet always refers to the "hold mode" being enabled for DMA to function. But in the XINTCNF2 register...
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    Choosing Lead, Active and Trail timings

    Hi, I'm working on DSP TMS320F2812 from TI. I want to interface an external SRAM to it. I've chosen the external interface zone 7 to interface SRAM to DSP. According to the datasheet the SRAM would take 10 ns for a write / read cycle. I'm running the DSP at 150 MHz clock (30 MHz * 5). So, each...
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    Which universities offer Robotics courses?

    Hi, I'm looking for a post graduate course in the field of "Robotics". Are there any universities that offer related courses part - time? Any information such as links would be appreciated. Thanks in advance, Vhn
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    Power down mode in TMS320F2812

    Hi, I'm working on TMS320F2812 DSP from TI. This DSP supports three power down modes - 1. Idle Mode, 2. Standby Mode, 3. Halt Mode. The documentation says that after CPU executes "IDLE" instruction, it will immediately go to power-down mode according to the configuration. But even if I've...
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    Power down mode in TMS320F2812

    Hi, I'm working on TMS320F2812 DSP from TI. This DSP supports three power down modes - 1. Idle Mode, 2. Standby Mode, 3. Halt Mode. The documentation says that after CPU executes "IDLE" instruction, it will immediately go to power-down mode according to the configuration. But even if I've...
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    Flash programming for TMS320F2812

    Hi, We are trying to convert the ".out" file generated by CCS IDE after compilation into bin file using an utility. But we notcie there is a discrepancy. When we download the ".out" file using SDFlash utility, the contents of programmed memory locations are different when compared to these...
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    Variable operating frequency for TMS320F2812

    Hi, I'm using TMS320F2812 DSP. I want to operate this at variable speed on the fly. One way would be by generating different clock outputs at different instants and provide this as the clock input to the DSP. Another would be to change the PLL settings. Is there any other mechanism? Also, would...
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    Bootloader on TMS320F2812

    tms320f2812 bootloader download Hi, I'm working on TI TMS320F2812 DSP. I want to modify the existing boot loader provided by TI and burn it into boot Rom. I searched in TI website. They talk of customizing the boot code but they never explain about how to download the modified code into boot...
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    Reset problem in NXP ARM7 core based microcontroller

    Hi, We're working on a target board having NXP ARM7 core based microcontroller (LPC2378). We have provided the RESET pin with a RC network in order to impose the delay for generating reset signal to microcontroller. We're noticing that sometimes the target board resets properly and sometimes...
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    I2C implementation in MSP430

    msp430 i2c implementation Hi all, Have any of you used I2C engine in MSP430 microcontroller? I'm using MSP430F1612 microcontroller and have interfaced three slaves to it. I've configured the speed to 100 KHz. I'm observing that sometimes the complete sequence will execute properly but sometimes...
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    Programming hex file using Keil IDE

    Hi, I'm using Keil uVision3 IDE and real view compiler and I use a JTAG programmer to burn the code onto the device. Anyone knows how to burn the hex file using Keil IDE. I don't have the source code corresponding to the hex file. Thanks,
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    Issue in NXP2364 project

    Hi, I'm using NXP2364 device. I use Keil IDE and Real view compiler. The project that I've created builds properly without any errors. It also gets downloaded into the chip, but when I try to debug, the "control" doesn't reach main. When I stop forcefully, the control would be stuck in...
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    uc/os II problem on NXP 2378

    nxp 2378 Hi, I'm trying to port ucOS-II on the NXP2378 evaluation board (Keil MCB2300). I'm using Keil IDE & RV compiler. A working port is already available for IAR. But when I modify the same to work in keil, I face some problems. The program always gets stuck in the exception handler for...

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