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    Ss7 by travis russell

    The book explains every topic clearly and comprehensively.
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    Good antenna related websites

    https://www.ifh.ee.ethz.ch/~fvtd/fvtd_edu.html https://www.seaveyantenna.com/catalog/p62/pg62-64.htm https://www.ee.surrey.ac.uk/Personal/D.Jefferies/antennas.html https://www.radio-electronics.com/info/antennas/horn_antenna/horn_antenna.php **broken link removed**...
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    The relation between QPSK data rate and the transmitter(antenna) carrier frequency

    Hi I am doing QPSK Transceiver as my FYP. I am confused about the relation between QPSK Data rate and the transmitter(antenna) carrier frequency. I am to transmitt and receive a voice signal upto 1Km. what rate of qpsk and what frequency of antenna should i use.......?
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    assembly language book By Yutha Yu Mannual

    assembly language by yutha yu yutha yu assembly language book help

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