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    How Linux PC check-out license from UNIX lic server

    how to check tools license in unix Dear Sir, i have the following setup issues, i need some one to help me out . we plan to install license on sun workstation, the license is floating, but we plan to run the real simulation program on faster PC with RHEL AS3.0 OS installed. The actual...
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    Plz help to setup screen resoluation under RH7.3

    I am new-comer to Linux world. May someone help me out, please. Recently, i setup a RH7.3 Linux machine. My Graphics card is Nvidia GeForce4 MX440 AGP8X. I downloaded the latest nVidia driver_1.0-6629, and installed it. Everything is OK until i decide to change the screen resolution from...
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    Whatls the difference between IC5033 and ICOA5033 ?

    Dear my friends, May someone explain the difference between IC5033 and ICOA5033 from Cadence ??
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    Need BIOS and VGA driver for TEK Logic analyzer TLA-704

    tektronix logic analyzer bios Dear My friends, I got one TLA-704 with WIN95 OS. But unfortunately, TEK had stopped the support of this dis-continued product. Their supporting guy told me to upgrade my LA. But i still hope to use it . i want to upgrade the OS to WIN98, and replace the internal...
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    Is SUN Blade-1500 suitable for IC Design ?

    Hi, Can someone comment the capability of SUN Blade-1500 in IC Design? We are searching a robust UNIX machine to do the layout, synthesis and custom block design. Welcome to hear any suggestion from anyone who is familiar with SUN UNIX machine. Thank you :wink:

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