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  1. NishantSood

    Front End ASIC Design or Back End Design JOB,

    I think its already done!
  2. NishantSood

    can we control of zigbee outputs through another zig bee with command

    Yes it can happen you can make one slave xbee pins change or actually copy the state of master command sending XBee module.
  3. NishantSood

    wishing to sell my recently bought beaglebone

    I can pay you 3400(inclusive of everything) for it , its my budget i do not have more to pay ,Sorry for that, but i would love to have it. contact me at nishantsood5@gmail.com
  4. NishantSood

    AC Current Measurement using MicroController!

    Hi , Im looking for interfacing this AC current measuring sensor LTS 25 **broken link removed** with an microcontroller ? DO i just need to interface the OUTPUT pin to the Analog pin of the Micrcontroller?
  5. NishantSood

    Testing the CDI? units

    Yes Frank, i was thinking the same only but wanted some expert support to the fact that i can use the oscilloscope to check the cdi circuits on the basis of calibrated one against good working ones , 50kv probes aren't a problem will buy it and what you say how much Mhz potential should be there...
  6. NishantSood

    Testing the CDI? units

    can it be done by oscilloscope? and in your previous solution ,what type of transducers must be there? input/output?
  7. NishantSood

    Testing the CDI? units

    Im developing the capacitive discharge ignition systems but im not aware of the method of testing it apart from plugging it into the respective vehicle for which is made, now the problem with this method is that im developing cdi's for a very large segment of vehicles so i can't probably buy all...
  8. NishantSood

    Multiple Frequency Bell

    @ Brad the rad , that would be a fine idea can you provide some starting info about it. @kp have you tried it before?.
  9. NishantSood

    Multiple Frequency Bell

    I want to develop a Multiple frequency doorbell.I want to make it to solve the problem for multiple receiver's in single house each for one floor. what can be the circuit for it and the modification to the same so that one transmitter rings one bell and the second transmitter rings the second...
  10. NishantSood

    Atmel Atmega 168/328 with Bootloader

    If any one wants atmel atmega 168/328 with bootloader can contact me @ +917503331543 and can mail me at nishant_so0d@rediffmail.com
  11. NishantSood

    Atmel Atmega 168/328 with Bootloader

    If any one wants atmel atmega 168/328 with bootloader can contact me @ +917503331543 and can mail me at nishant_so0d@rediffmail.com
  12. NishantSood

    Designing PCB for Relay to control the 240 VAC power applicances

    I have already designed the PCB for the 240 VAC controlling purpose but i'm not getting the WIDTH of the TRACKS in PCB to keep the system ON safely and ensure that PCB tracks dsn't get worn out with 240 VAC , i'm using the 5pin SPDT relay on board. here is the PCB, i have already made the...
  13. NishantSood

    What is the hfe value of BC 547?

    I'm not able to extract BC 547 value of hfe from it's DATASHEET! please help me ?
  14. NishantSood

    Connecting 6VDC relay with Arduino?

    I bought a bunch of Relays that i want to connect with Arduino UNO they have an Operating value of 6VDC and switching capability of 240 VAC and having 5 connector's as in the Picture: I wanted to know how can i connect it to arduino and as its 6VDC will it be able to work with arduino's 5 VDC...
  15. Black -T Shirt and Black goggs!

    Black -T Shirt and Black goggs!

  16. Aother me

    Aother me

  17. Me in Dear Park!

    Me in Dear Park!

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  19. My Photos!

    My Photos!

    These are My Photos!
  20. NishantSood

    Making IR Receiver using PIC16F84, ability to control 4 Different relays

    Yes that's true that only 8 pins are available but is their any remedy for that?

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