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  1. mrinalmani

    Optimum placement of current shunt resistor

    Hello I was wondering what will be a better placement for the current shunt resistor between the two diagrams shown below. - Gate drivers and all other analogue sub-parts are ground referenced. Thank you
  2. mrinalmani

    Assembly of through hole and SMD on same PCB

    Hi We need to assemble 65W laptop chargers for small to mid volume production (around 1000 units per month). The PCB has both SMD and through hole components. SMD on the bottom layer and through hole on the top layer. I was wondering what is the standard method for assembling through hole and...
  3. mrinalmani

    Current ringing in H bridge

    Hi I have a tied an RL load to a 12V H-Bridge operating in a usual fashion where alternate FETs are ON followed by a large dead time where all FETs are OFF and then the adjacent pair of FETs are turned ON and the cycle repeats. L = 32uH wound on gapped ferrite core. R = 0.25 Ohm To sense the...
  4. mrinalmani

    12V Full bridge waveform doubt

    Hi I am testing a 12V full bridge converter connected to a step up transformer. The output of the transformer is rectified using a SiC bridge diode. There's no inductor between the SiC output and the bulk capacitor. The transformer is being driven by simple PWM. Alternate high and low FETs are...
  5. mrinalmani

    12V full bridge over heating

    Hi I am working on a 12V phase shifted full bridge connected to a 1:38 step-up transformer. The output of the transformer is rectified using SiC diode bridge. Fsw = 80KHz. The MOSFET is PSMN2R030YLDX with 2mOhm resistance and maximum 2.5mOhm at Tj = 80C. - When driving 40A current into the...
  6. mrinalmani

    3KW PFC topology

    Hi We have to design PFC with multiple power outputs ranging from 3KW to 10KW. Input voltage range 160V to 280V and output voltage = 400V. Up till now I have only designed and tested between 200W to 800W. I especially liked CrM topology over CCM, they simply run very smooth and cool. I was...
  7. mrinalmani

    Isolated feedback in flyback switcher

    Hi We are trying to make a cost effective isolated DC-DC supply using a simple switcher IC in flyback mode. I have seen several AC-DC offline switchers making use of an auxiliary winding of the transformer for feedback. An example circuit is attached below. My question is - can we do the same...
  8. mrinalmani

    Current transformer waveform severe distortion

    Hi I've wound a simple current transformer with 1:100 turn ratio using a small toroidal nanocrystalline core. It more or less works OK, but there are two issues. 1. The current aligns to voltage at every cycle end but goes goes slightly out of phase during falling slope of the voltage. (Please...
  9. mrinalmani

    H-Bridge heating without load

    Hi I am testing an H-Bridge circuit and it is heating up without load. The MOSFET is IPD60R180C7 (600V, 180mOhm Infineon MOSFET). Supply voltage is 250VDC and switching frequency is 100KHz. There's 10nF MLCC immediately close to the bridge and another 100uF electrolytes further away. Trace width...
  10. mrinalmani

    Inductor for PFC boost application

    Hi I am trying to design an inductor for a 300W PFC. It turns out to be a 470uH inductor with greater than 4A saturation current. I figured out that iron powder cores along with its derivatives such as Sendust, MPP etc fit well for this application since they have relatively low permeability and...
  11. mrinalmani

    Input filter for solar charger

    Hi! Is an input LC filter required in a buck topology solar MPPT? Without an input filter, the very nature of a buck converter would result in discontinuous current being drawn form the solar panels. How can one expect high efficiency if the panel current is discontinuous? Surprisingly, if we...
  12. mrinalmani

    Suggestions for using high value resistor

    Hi! I am designing a battery string stabilization circuit with 20 individual Lithium cells in series. The cells combine together give an output of nearly 80V. The voltage of each individual cell needs to be monitored, so a resistor divider is needed for each tap-off. To minimize leakage current...
  13. mrinalmani

    Understanding feedback requirement of a switcher IC

    Hi! I am using NCP4371 which is a flyback converter switcher IC that uses a optocoupler for feedback. I need to use this IC for buck topology. The error in output voltage and current is indicated at the DRIVE pin of the IC. The specification for voltage and current OTA is also mentioned. (Please...
  14. mrinalmani

    [SOLVED] Cell phone battery charging from 12V DC source

    Hi! I am working on a small project which requires charging a cell phone lithium battery from a 12V source. Input comes form a 12V lead acid battery and output goes into the USB port of the cell phone. Now, if it was about charging an isolated lithium cell, it would be rather simple to design a...
  15. mrinalmani

    Optocoupler feedback in flyback converters

    Hi! Most flyback controller ICs have a feed-back pin that needs to be connected to the output of an opto coupler. What is the mechanism behind this? I mean what is required by the IC at the feedback pin? Some sort of voltage? current? I understand that it needs an optocoupler, but what is the...
  16. mrinalmani

    Gate driver for non inverting buck+boost converter

    Hi! I am wondering what kind of gate driver is used for a non inverting buck+boost converter. (Not the normal buck-boost). I am referring to the circuit attached in the image here. My concern is when the diodes are replaced by MOSFETs for synchronous rectification... The high side buck MOSFET...
  17. mrinalmani

    [SOLVED] Acceptable SNR for radio transceiver ICs

    Hi! Radio transceiver ICs mention their receiver sensitivity and transmitter power level. Example -120db/20db. However they do not mention the acceptable SNR. My concern is that if I were to make use of LNA to increase the overall receiver sensitivity, then to what extent would the noise...
  18. mrinalmani

    Feed line for connecting SMA connector on PCB

    Hi! Please tell me how to connect the RF output pin of 800MHz RF IC to a SMA connector. Can I simply route the wires from the IC to the connector just like any other components or do I need to take some special care since this is a RF circuit. Does the length of connecting PCB trace have an...
  19. mrinalmani

    Software porting between different processors

    Hi! There is an OEM software intended for Beaglebone black. It is a bootable image file. I want to use this software on a hardware system other than beaglebone black. (Probably by designing a PCB with a processor of my choice) However, the software vendor says that to be used on a "different"...
  20. mrinalmani

    How to amplify transmission power of 2.4GHz signal

    Hi! I need to transmit a 2.4GHz signal through a distance of approx 30 feet. But it must pass through five concrete roofs. (Transmitting from the 4th floor to the ground floor of a building). Is a total of 100dB (emitter dB - receiver dB) ok for this? My emitter power is only 0dB, are there...

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