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  1. tipu_sultan

    The Output results of MEGGER TEST and its solution?

    Scenario:-  Distribution Substation. [SMDB-S AREA].  Electrical Room. [MDB-CAB-4]  3x(4C-300 mm2 XLPE/SWA Cu Conductor+ 1C-16 mm2 Y/G ECC ) There is a fault between cables which have been connecting form Substation to Electrical room having length of 300 meter approximately. There is...
  2. tipu_sultan

    LISP Programming Language?

    While using AutoCAD I came to know that there is a language exist LISP. I searched about it and got many information. But I want to ask that " Is there any logic to use LISP in AutoCAD?" There is also many other language like C, C++, C#, JAVA etc... but in AutoCAD using LISP. Is AutoCAD supports...
  3. tipu_sultan

    Looking datasheet of the 13A Socket Flush Type and Selector Switch of Specific Vendor

    Find the image containing the List of electrical product followed by the manufacture. I tried to find the datasheet of product which have been manufactured by the vendor stated in the list not find it. Anyway I just want to have their electrical ratings of both product. If someone find it...
  4. tipu_sultan

    About Some comman used in AutoCAD.

    Enquiry about command used in AutoCAD. I found someone using command "TLength" in AutoCAD to find the total length of the lines in a single file, But when I try this command on my computer the software says unknown command TLEN press F1 for help. My question is that is this command exists in...
  5. tipu_sultan

    The Best CAD software for the Electrical Drawings?

    For professional drawings the AutoCAD is the best as it has built-in blocks and also compatible to PDF, Word and image files. For PCB designing it is the best but its takes some time to be master on its command its measurement is precise without error. Also we can import built-in design from the...
  6. tipu_sultan

    How to calculate maximum short circuit current flow per second before break down?

    Here find some attached circuit of three phase cabinet which operation voltage is 400V /415V and have operated current 800A, fault current for 1 sec is 46 KA and have incoming and outgoing links with one phase Lighting and socket. I want to know is there some method that one can calculate the...
  7. tipu_sultan

    Term BTMG used in the telecommunication.

    Can any one clarify what is the acronym of BTMG and where it is used in telecommunication network?
  8. tipu_sultan

    Why Delta-Wye Transformer preferred in the electrical supply network?

    Why we preferred Delta-Wye transformer over Wye-Delta? May be it is due to difference in line and phase voltages or may be other reason?
  9. tipu_sultan

    Is there any difference between efficiency of oil-filled and dry-type transformer?

    I have a conservation with someone who told me their performance depends upon the place, location and conditions where they install. He said generally in open areas (substation open sky) we used dry-type transformers and for closed areas like covered substation we used oil-filled transformer...
  10. tipu_sultan

    Minimum distance for straight joint between Medium voltage cables?

    While laying the Medium Voltage electrical cables especially Underground is there any standard exists who tell about the minimum distance of straight joint that can be installed to join the MV cables. There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so. (William Shakespeare).
  11. tipu_sultan

    Theory behind the 144-Fiber Optical Fiber cable.

    Can any one help me to clarify why the fiber optical cable contains 144-fibers? Is there any theory behind it? and How many fibers used to connecting in a system?
  12. tipu_sultan

    What is the meaning of word "Reserved" in the IEC standard?

    While viewing the IEC Standard 60502, I see the word reserved in the part-3. What it means? I think may be reserved for future use or have different meaning? Here is the text below. IEC 60502 consists of the following parts, under the general title Power cables with extruded insulation and...
  13. tipu_sultan

    What is the function of Motor in the motorized circuit breakers?

    Can any one explain that and in which category we placed motorized circuit breakers? If we put motor on the RCD then, is it called motorized RCD? And am I hope the same case with EFI?
  14. tipu_sultan

    How can we use the Current Transformer (CT) for transformer protection?

    Is there any circuit which help me to make concept about that protection?
  15. tipu_sultan

    What is the function of Earth Fault Indicator (EFI)?

    On which principle does the EFI works? How it detect the fault and on which basis?
  16. tipu_sultan

    LV 600V/1000V Insulation Grade Panel Board means? Is this a voltage range or I/O volt

    During exploring the Electrical Transmission and Distribution Network I came across the following terms. "Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of LV 600V/1000V insulation grade Panel Board consisting of following but not limited...
  17. tipu_sultan

    What is the meaning of the CESMM3 Ref in BOQ of Transmission & Distribution?

    In the Bill of Quantities of Some project of Electrical Transmission and Distribution I came across the CESMM3 Ref when I searched in the net I know that it is the " Civil Engineering Standard Method of Measurement 3rd edition ". But my confusion is what is the meaning of X9000.1 represent. I...
  18. tipu_sultan

    How many Watts are in 1 ton, 1.5 ton & in 2 ton Air Conditioner (AC) ?

    Is there any relation between British Thermal Unit (BTU) and Ton or Watts? Is there some formula exists in which we convert Ton into Watts? I also came across that the wattage of Split AC and Window AC is different although they are of same ton. I also came to know generally there is some 1...
  19. tipu_sultan

    What is the meaning in the 144 Optical Fiber Cable? Especially why 144 fibers?

    During studying the telecom underground cable network I came across the Optical Fiber Cable having the 144 fibers (single mode). I want to know why 144? Is this a Some standard to have 144 fibers in one cable? I have also viewed some of the datasheet having 144 fibers Optical Fiber Cable. I...
  20. tipu_sultan

    How to satisfy ohm law in power transformer using nameplate? Ohm's Law justification

    Suppose there is a power step-down transformer of ratings. [Name-Plate Attached]. 100KVA HV Side specifications:- volts-> 11KV current-> 5.25 LV Side specifications:- volts-> 0.415KV current-> 139.1 P=VI p=11x10^3 * 5.25 = 57750 P=0.415x10^3 * 139.1 = 57726 Can any...

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