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    How to merge a picture into a *.mex file in orCAD?

    orcad company logo Please anybody know how to merge a picture into the max file ? I have seen some board posted on this forum have a picture in it. It really fun! I mean if you can have a picture or a logo (like the one of Microchip) on your board, then it must seem very Pro!!!
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    Fuzzy controller in practice ?

    fuzzy suzeno model I have read books on fuzzy logic and fuzzy control, but not any idea on how to really control my plant using the PIC micro. I mean how can I write code for the PIC to behave like a fuzzy controller? Using MATLAB and Simulink just for simulation. Anybody please help me on...
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    Need help on PID!!! F1 F1 F1 !!!

    discrete pid equation Hi all! I wanna ask you a question about discrete PID controller. I have found out this equation: PID=PID_last + Kp (e-e1) + (1/2)Ki.T(e+e1) + (1/T).Kd (e- 2.e1+e2) with: PID is the output of the controller. PID_last is the last PID calculated. e is the error...
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    Please help me on CCS C for PIC.

    setup_adc trong ccs I am the beginner in CCS. I use PID controller to control the velocity of a DC motor. Here is my code. But it doesn't work. Please help me out. #include "16F88.h" #USE standard_io(B) #use delay(clock=4000000) double xung , Kp_t, Ki_t, Kd_t,Kp,Ki,Kd ,v_set, v_cur, e2, e1...

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