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    Frequency Selective Surfaces (FSS), Book

    Hey Rama, I have the soft copy of the book "Frequency Selective Surfaces, Theory and Design" written by Ben A. Munk". Let me upload it, other wise i will send you by email. - - - Updated - - - @Rama Already attached in the above post. Hopefully this will help you. All the best. - - -...
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    Frequency Selective Surfaces (FSS), Book

    Yes if possible, kindly send me the book. Thanks a lot.
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    Dual frequency Slots in Microstrip patch antenna

    Hey, in order to design dual band microstrip patch antenna, first of all you have to decide the type of patch element either rectangular, circular, square or triangular. You also need to find some reference papers based on slot configurations and then you can choose either C slot, H slot or I...
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    Floquet's ports in CST

    Hey, If you are using CST MWS then choose FSS unit cell from the template and then design the required structure. For boundary conditions choose unit cell boundaries, it will assign Floquet's port on each side of the structure. Reflectivity you can see form the s11 curve.
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    help simulat EBG structure using CST

    Hey , Did you already try to simulate your design?
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    hfss manual of double slot and spiral antenna

    well in that case ......... u can use the following references. They will help you to understand the software and hopefully you will be able to design your required antenna. Try to simulate it to get the results and if you face any problem, you can ask again.
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    simple filter design using CST microwave studio

    Hey, Here you will find some of the examples and references which you can use to model the filter in CST. Also refer to the CST software examples, you will find so many on filters. https://www.cst.com/Content/Applications/Category/Filters
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    hfss manual of double slot and spiral antenna

    Hey, I would suggest you to go through IEEE Explore and other article directories to find some related articles on spiral antenna and double slot antenna, and then by using the given dimensions try to design in HFSS.
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    FSS Transmission/ Reflection Curves

    actually i wanted to ask what difference the ground plane will make to the reflection and transmission.
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    FSS Resonance Characteristics

    What is the difference between S11 and S21 for FSS with and without ground plane?
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    FSS Transmission/ Reflection Curves

    Can anyone tell that, what is the difference between the FSS Transmission/Reflection characteristics with and without ground plane?
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    Why the return loss of an antenna decreases at higher frequencies?

    Thank you all for your suggestions. Actually i'm trying to devise some mathematical proof for this condition in my design.
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    Frequency Selective Surfaces Design in CST MWS

    Hey kaaakTus, For designing FSS structures CST provides us with the option of FSS - Unit cell(FD) template. Just select it and design your structure. Use unit cell boundary conditions and it will automatically assign the ports as Zmin and Zmax.
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    How to simulate reflectarray antenna element in HFSS

    Hey, i would suggest you to simulate it using master and slave boundaries with a wave port and then compare the results with those you already simulated. Hopefully you will be able to find the issue related to the phase plot.
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    Return loss of Dual Frequency Antenna

    can anyone tell me why the return loss for first resonance is high as compared to the return loss for second resonance?
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    Why the return loss of an antenna decreases at higher frequencies?

    @WimRFP A dual frequency antenna, At first resonance return loss is high and for second resonance return loss is very low. What you think is the reason behind this?
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    Why the return loss of an antenna decreases at higher frequencies?

    Why the return loss of an antenna decreases at higher frequencies? Is there any mathematical proof for this?
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    Smart antennas or Adaptive Arrays

    well you can refer to "Adaptive Antenna Arrays" Trends and applications by S. Chandran published under springer copyrights.
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    Reason for setting angles of incidence in FSS

    Hey friend's, I want to ask about the angles theta and phi, why there is a need to set them for analyzing fss?
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    Role of Theta and Phi for FSS

    Hey, Can anyone tell that why we have to define the angles theta and phi for analyzing frequency selective surfaces? How both of these angles can effect the performance? tq

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