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    Motorola MPX5100 sensor & ACS712 (current) libraries on Cadsoft Eagle

    hello guys !! i would like to get libraries for both sensors :-Motorola MPX5100 -Allegro ACS712 current sensor of course on Cadsoft Eagle software . thanks !
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    pcb exposure box unit

    hello guys !! i would like to make a simple non-cost pcb exposure box , will this kind of lamp be enough ?? instead of using(Ballast , starters ,...etc) looks complicated i think this is 15W lamp . thanks !
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    VB.net with php website

    Hello guys !! i would like to know a way that makes me able to draw a graph of 5 variables in real time on a webpage (using php ,js,html5 ) variables values will be sent via a vb.net code software . -in past , i could sent those values via vb.net using FTP (sent as a txt file ) so...

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