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    Vendor - Thin Film substrate

    I've been looking for the thin film substrate. If you know any vendor might have it, I would be very grateful. The film should be as smooth as possible. Ideally the RMS roughness is about 5-10nm
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    Difference between class and object (C++)

    Can any one explain thisfor me please? I am kind confused. Thanks
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    Some Calculator. Maybe useful

    I have some more. Uploading Include Virtual TI calculator
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    Help me with making a speedometer in C

    Speedo Meter opps "please delete"
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    DC voltage source vs DC current

    Could u please more specific? I read some other explaination, but still I don't get it Added after 1 minutes: Oh by the way, I have ome more question: Is it easier to make DC current source or DC voltage source. THanks
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    Partial Differential Equation

    I recommand the MATHLAB It's powerful
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    Tutorial for waveguides in hfss

    Tutorial Good site for math https://archives.math.utk.edu/tutorials.html
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    integration in matlab help plz........

    if you have a specific problme, it'll be better
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    real simple question: what is light

    of comparatively little physical weight or density; "a light load"; "magnesium is a light metal--having a specific gravity of 1.74 at 20 degrees C" hehe
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    software for writing out equations??

    From memory, the equation editor in Word isn't very good - but the last time I used it was YEARS ago so it may have improved. WordPerfect was better. In fact, back in my uni days (early 90s) one of the things I did in a holiday job was lay out a maths textbook for uni students in WordPerfect...
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    DC voltage source vs DC current

    A DC voltage source develops 10 V DC at its output terminals. A DC current source that you found at the flea market develops 10 A maximum when properly loaded. Is the first device a high-resistance device, or a low-resistance one? How about the second device?
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    Question on op-amp used to implement a simulation

    Question on op-amp Can anyone think of a situation where the op-amp itself might serve to implement a simulation of some system?

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