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    Adobe Acrobat Distiller

    Hi Any one knows how to install acorbat distiller i have the software but i could not install it let me know how to view the bookmarks in ms word
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    Size of GND planes in CPW structure

    hi i am desgning CPW band pass filter in ADS 2009. in slot mode. i have simulated and obtained reuslts but not with desired centre frequency. please send me the cpw designs in slot mode with layer mapping. i am struggling a lot with the design of cpw in slot mode. i have designed hair pin...
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    How to modify this model? For multilayer microstrips.

    hi u have used two different substrates. to get the output with less loss the port impedance should be mathched ( 50 ohm line) to the substrate impedance. but it is not possible to be matched to two different substrates. why do not u use same substrates for the two different layers. have seen...
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    CPW resonant frequency

    hi to find the resonant frequency of half wavelength resonator u have to use the coplanar waveguide calculator like TXline coplanar calculator or line calculator ads or any other calculators. it will give u the correct result vidhya sivaraj
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    simulating mixer return losses in ADS

    hi from the simulated output s21 and s11 are the insertion and return losses
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    coplanar waveguide

    hi every one i have done microstrip hairpin bpf designs. now i a designing hairpin bpf using coplanar waveguide in ads. pls send me exapmles of coplanar waveguide designs in ads and also i donot know to calculate the physical dimensions for half wavelength coplanar resonator . is it...
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    stepped impedance resonator design for band pass filter

    hi i am working with the design of band pass filter using folded stepped impedance resonators i donot know to calculate the physical dimensions of stepped impedance resonators. please help me to plot the design curve( impedance ratio and electricl length ratio vs resonant frequency). it is...
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    ads multilayer filter design

    hi i am designing band pass filter in multi layer structure using ads 2009. From one paper i read epoxy adhesive between two substrates in an filter structure. is thet epoxy layer is needed. can u please help me how to define the metal layers and substrates in multi layer...
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    defected microstrip structure in ads

    hi i am working with filter design. i designed filters using DGS and stubs. now i am designing filter using DMS. i want to know the basics and various types and applications of DMS. If anybody knows kindly help me with regards vidhya
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    defected ground structure in ads

    hi i am working with microstrip filter using ads 2009. i designed two bandpass filters. now i need to design filter using dgs and complementry split ring . it is very urgent. i donot know ti design in dgs. pls if any one knows help me to desig in dgs and let me the books for microstrip...
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    dgs filter design in ads 2009

    how to design dgs in ads

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