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    Voltage levels on JTAG pins

    Hello, I am using 10pin JTAG header and have follwing voltage levels on pins when device is powered on: TMS = 3.3V TCK = 3.3V TDO = ~2mV TDI = ~2mV nRESET = 3.3V The problem is the controller is not responding when connected to debugger. should the voltage levels at TDO and TDI be also 3.3V...
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    Pick and place text file from eagle

    Hello, I need a pick and place .txt file and I have used Eagle for creating PCB board. Is these a way to get this file directly similar to CAD?
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    2.4GHz Antenna for flexible PCB

    Hello, I have designed a circuit for data transfer using Bluetooth Low Energy for a flexible substrate with thickness 125um. I need a help in searching a suitable 2.4GHz antenna and requirements for the same. Thank you in advance.
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    Battery options for Wearables

    Hello, I am designing a wearable for medical application and I am searching for a rechargeable small size battery. I have searched a lot,but couldn't find one. Can anyone help me with some ideas/options?
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    Creating custom profile/service for BLE on Code Composer Studio

    Hello, I am trying to create a custom profile/service for bluetooth low energy using CC2640 on Code composer studio(CCS). I found a tutorial from texas instruments for creating such profile,but the steps are described only for IAR embedded workbench. Can anyone help me in creating such on CCS...
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    Inverted antenna and chip antenna for CC2640

    I will use printed antenna initially.Only if it does not work (as it is sensitive to dimensions) I will solder the chip antenna. Still not possible without Rf switch? Also, having just chip antenna layout (package) and not smd part soldered near printed antenna will affect data transmission...
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    Inverted antenna and chip antenna for CC2640

    Hi, I am designing a circuit for bluetooth data transfer and want to use inverted F antenna and also a chip antenna as a substitute (if in any case pcb antenna does not work). Does putting chip antenna besides printed pcb antenna affect the pcb antenna at initial stage? Thanks in advance.

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