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    conditional ifdef for multiple projects ?

    Thank you for the reply, but I want to get this done without adding new defines like A4.. Thank you
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    how to check or condition in ifdef?

    Re: `ifdef Can you please elobrate on that should i write like `ifdef (a) || `ifdef (b)
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    conditional ifdef for multiple projects ?

    Hello All, Can some one please help me with this issue. I have 3 different projects A1, A2, A3 and i am using ifdefs. Can someone tell me a way to avoid such scenario ifdef A1 <code1> elsif A2 <code2> elseif A3 <code3> endif code1 and code2 are same, i dont want to use ifndef . So can...
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    Fixing Setup & Hold Violations

    In one of my projects I have got timing violations for a same register at different times. I wanted to know if though the timing violations are at different times, fixing one would fix the other violation at different time also right?
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    Help with ASIC projects

    Hi, I have checked opencores.org. I have found some interesting projects over there. But I don't think they can be used as a course project. Can some one help me out with few more ideas. Thank you
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    Help with ASIC projects

    asic projects Hi, The project must be a course project. It must take 8 to 10 weeks to complete the project. It would be great if the project idea can be useful for real time applications. Thank you
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    Need help for starting simulation of 6T SRAM in cadence

    6t sram schematic using cadence Hi, To understand the working of 6T SRAM you can read Digital Integrated Circuits by Rabey.
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    Help with ASIC projects

    asic projects Hi All, I need to design a project spec for a course. The course needs a design project which requires verilog. The verilog code is to be synthesized using cadence. Can some one suggest me good projects or some ideas on which I can design the spec on. Thank you
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    Software for drawing circuits in Linux

    programs used for drawing circuits I am sure my reply to this post is wierd, since you are talking about linux. Use Microsoft visio for drawing circuits, its really good. I used it for my projects and it helped me a lot.
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    Let's discuss Burst length of DDR or SDR

    I think burst size four is common. Intel Pentiums II and III had cache blocks of length 32 bytes. Since the system (memory) bus is 8 bytes, a burst of 4 yields 4x8=32 bytes, exactly enough to fill a cache block.

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