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    which linux Distro ?

    redhat en linux is paid OS right? what about project fedora OS? can fedora support quartus?
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    64-bit instead of 32-bit ?

    instead of 32. should i just download n install the 64? i do thought that most probably there's no problem with the 64 ? i know this is a stupid question, but there was such a problem with MS-DOS console's editor in 64-bit win env. there is no editor. OR do 64 buggy in any way ? just wanna...
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    which linux Distro ?

    1. which linux Distro is the best / suitable for HDL design ? e.g. running Quartus ii n Model-sim 2. i am a totally beginner in linux env. could somebody please give me some LINK for comprehensive FEDORA / UBUNTU commands sites.

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