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    reversing linked list usng recursion

    #include <stdio.h> // Variables typedef struct node { int value; struct node *next; }mynode; // Globals (not required, though). mynode *head, *tail, *temp; // Functions void add(int value); mynode *reverse(mynode*); void print_list(); // The main() function int main() { head=(mynode *)0; //...
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    displaying message send by rc5 philips remote control on lcd

    hi,my task has been drastically modified from the last.now i have to use philips remote and attach a receiver to pic 16f877a and display the function on lcd for example if i press key 1 then it shhould show key1 on lcd and if volume up down than corresponding msg etc. I have two questions in...
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    [SOLVED] RC 5 protocol transmitter and receiver using pic 16f877a

    Hi, i am supposed to use rc 5 protocol to transmit data from one pic and display it on another where other pic is connected to lcd for display purpose. i searched on net a lot but only links i found were to use rc 5 as remote control. I have never used RC5 protocol so i am bit clueless.Can...
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    3202 INTERFACING with PIC16f877A witout using spi interface

    hi i have to interface 3202 with pic 16f877a for a kit in which 3202 is connected as follows: CS-port rd7 CLK-pin no. 15 i.e t=TICKI DO-PIN no. 16 I.E RC1 DI-PIN no. 17 i.e. RC2 thereby disabling me from using spi feature. Is it possible to interface it without spi feature using these pins only...
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    [SOLVED] Timer0 at89c2051 problem

    clr p3.1 mov p1,#0ffh start: Here1: Cpl p3.1 mov r2,#80 sjmp there1 there1: Mov r1,#5 acall delay djnz r2,there1 sjmp here1 delay: Mov tmod,#01 mov tl0,#0f6h mov th0,0c2h setb tr0 again:jnb tf0,again clr tr0 clr tf0 djnz r1,delay ret end in simulation i have connected led to port 3.1...
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    [SOLVED] query regarding asynchronous transmission pic 16f877a

    i wanted to check the working of asynchonous transmission of pic 16f877a. i wanted to know is it possible that the data i am transmitting through TX pin can be received by the RX pin of microcontroller itself and then displaying the result on lcd for checking the correct functioning? Also what...
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    [SOLVED] problem using potentiometer in proteus

    i have written program for internal adc of pic 16f877a ,so i wanted to check in simulation that by varying resistance output is changing but i dont know how to change value of potentiometer. can anyone help me?
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    4 bit lcd interfacing with pic 16f877a

    list p=PIC16F877a #include <p16F877a.inc> errorlevel -302 __config _HS_OSC & _LVP_OFF en equ 4 rw equ 5 rs equ 6 ;------------------------------------------- ; GENERAL PURPOSE REGISTERS ;------------------------------------------- CBLOCK 20h temp1 temp2 temp temp3 temp4 num count ENDC...
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    [SOLVED] i2c eeprom read problem using pic 16f877a

    list p=PIC16F877a #include <p16F877a.inc> errorlevel -302 __config _HS_OSC & _WDT_OFF & _LVP_OFF ;------------------------------------------- ; SPECIAL FUNCTION REGISTERS ;------------------------------------------- ;*******************Macro definitions***************************** WRITE_ADDR...
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    [SOLVED] problem with page write in eeprom 24c02

    list p=PIC16F877a #include <p16F877a.inc> errorlevel -302 __config _HS_OSC & _WDT_OFF & _LVP_OFF ;------------------------------------------- ; SPECIAL FUNCTION REGISTERS ;------------------------------------------- ;*******************Macro definitions***************************** WRITE_ADDR...
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    [SOLVED] problem in my pic assembly code (interfacing i2c eeprom)

    list p=16F877a #include <p16F877a.inc> errorlevel -302 __config _XT_OSC & _WDT_OFF & _LVP_OFF ;------------------------------------------- ; SPECIAL FUNCTION REGISTERS ;------------------------------------------- indf equ 00 tmr0 equ 01 pcl equ 02 status equ 03 fsr...
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    [SOLVED] pic interfacing with 24lc02

    pic interfacing with i2c eeprom 24lc02 i was trying to interface pic 16f877a with 24lc02,i read about 24lc02 and fount that for writing abyte into this eeprom i hav to 1) first load write sequence 2)load address 3)load data i am cnfused about address part.what is it actually?
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    [SOLVED] crystal problem pic 16f877a

    hi,i'm burning my hex file using topwin programmer but the clock is not genertaing,i'm using 4MHZ crystal.do i hav to do some initial configuration programmin for that?
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    [SOLVED] stack overflow in look up table in pic 16f877a

    i'm trying to interface glcd jhd12864e with pic 16f877.so,i need look up table of size 1024 words,128 words for each row. to avoid pcl being overwritten i divided look up table into 8 look up tables(i hav written only 2 yet) but proteus is showing stack overflow for last few words of second...
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    [SOLVED] look up tables of pic 16f877a

    hi, i'm trying to do glcd interfacing using pic 16f877 .what i actually require is to send to read a string from look up table and then display it using another look up table.I'm unable to understand the use of dt directive. also for another program i require to display pattern in glcd bt to...
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    [SOLVED] glcd interfacing with 8051

    i copied the code from engineersgarage.com and checked its functioning on proteus but on hardware implementation nothing is displayed just backlight seems to be glowing. i have used JHD12864e .Also 18th pin(Vee) is showing only +0.3 v. can anyone help me?

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