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    2 loop circuit with a diode

    I am trying to analyze this circuit. I can do it without the diode using Thevenin equivalence and the simulator agrees, but with the diode in the circuit, my current calculations are a bit off and my voltage at test point Vtp is off as well. The simulator shows the following: current in the...
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    AVR Timer Interrupt Jitter

    I am looking for options for eliminating interrupt jitter on an 8-bit AVR such as the ATmega328p. I am aware that if an interrupt occurs during execution of a multi-cycle instruction, this instruction is completed before the interrupt is served. This comes from 7.7.1 Interrupt Response Time...
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    What are the differences between these two PIC microcontrollers?

    Can anybody tell me what the difference is between PIC24HJ128GP202 and PIC24HJ128GP502? I am not seeing it in the datasheet. Thanks in advance.
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    [SOLVED] General Line Driver Datasheet Question

    I am looking for clarification regarding maximum continuous output current for the case where all pins are sourcing current continuously. For example, the SN74HC244: https://www.mouser.com/ds/2/405/sn74hc244-62043.pdf If I am reading it correctly, for the case where output voltage is between...
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    Looking for WW107 case style library for CadSoft Eagle

    I am looking for a PL-075 package layout for WW107 case style library for CadSoft Eagle if anybody knows of one or has done one. It looks like this: https://www.minicircuits.com/pcb/98-pl075.pdf https://www.minicircuits.com/case_styles/WW107.pdf Also, is it hard to make library files for...
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    [SOLVED] Philips SAB1009 Datasheet

    I am looking for a datasheet for Philips SAB1009 / SAB1009B Wideband Amplifier. It is a rather old chip (14-pin dip 900MHz), but if anybody has the datasheet I would appreciate it. Also, if anybody can suggest a comparable, more modern alternative I would be interested in that as well. Thank you.
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    discrete multi-stage vhf small signal amplifier

    I am designing a wide band amplifier (20Hz to 50MHz) that follows a frequency compensated attenuator network. This amplifier will provide signal to a frequency counter that I have built. The amplifier is expected function with signals as small as 15mVpp - 50mVpp input, but for breadboard...
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    voltage spike at output of AND gate

    I am getting voltage spikes on two of the outputs of an M74HC08 Quad 2-Input AND Gate. Only two of the 4 input sets are in use. The unused inputs are grounded. Each of the inputs of the AND gate are being fed a square wave as well as one of the outputs of an SN74HC109 Dual Input JK Flip-flop...
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    ATMEGA8 Timer1 seems to be counting at half the expected frequency.

    I am using at ATMEGA8 with a 12 MHz external crystal oscillator. The fuses were programmed as follows: LFUSE 0xEF 1110 1111 HFUSE 0xC9 1100 1001 I was starting to set up a very basic timer application and I noticed that I was getting an unexpected frequency with the timer counter...
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    2 transformers in parallel?

    Is is possible to wire (2 of the same part number) 20A, 18V step-down transformers to increase load handling? They are center tap transformers, but the intention would be not to tap them at the center but rather both at the 18V secondary taps. If it is possible are there any precautions?
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    Driving a high current load from a CMOS level output

    I am considering the suitability of some components for driving a high current load from an IC chip. The output of the IC is 5V with a maximum current of 25mA. Description of the driven load: Supply Voltage: 8.5V Load Resistance: .8 Ohms Load Current: 10.625A The driver components I am...
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    Looking for a 4-digit, 7-segment LED display bezel

    Hello, I have the following two 4-digit, 7-segment LED displays. 1) LTC-4627JR Lite-On LED Displays & Accessories 2) ELF511SYGWA/S530-E2 Everlight LED Displays & Accessories The outer dimensions of 1) are: 40.18mm w x 12.8mm h x 7mm thick The outer dimensions of 2) are: 50.4mm w x 19mm h x 8mm...
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    [SOLVED] OpAmp Voltage Regulator

    I am considering this circuit design for a low-cost voltage regulator: The load resistance (R4) is expected to be about 2.5 ohms. I am considering 2N3055 since I have them on hand and they seem to be a suitable fit with regards to their power handling capability. Can anybody explain how to...
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    LM723 Shunt Regulator

    Regarding the attached shunt regulator schematic from the LM723 datasheet: **broken link removed** I want to be able to regulate a 4.8A load from 2V to 12V (give or take a few tenths of a volt). I am aware of the poor efficiency associated with shunt regulators, but I would like to use an...
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    [SOLVED] using internal and external program memory with C compiled code

    I've added 30K flash memory to a single board computer (at89s52, 32K SRAM, 2 82c55's, etc). I can read from and write bytes to the flash memory. I am using SDCC for hex code generation. What I want to do is compile C functions and data suitable for placement onto the flash memory for internal...
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    [SOLVED] 8051 test external ram in C without allocating it

    Hello, I have an AT89S52 with 32KB external SRAM and I am using SDCC and I compile with --model-small -mmcs51 --xram-loc 0x0000 --xram-size 32768. To make sure the memory was all available, I wrote a routine to write and read to the entire 32 kilobytes (and it is), but I allocate all of the...
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    USBasp fails to erase AT89S52, but all other functions work.

    I have built the circuit from here using an ATMEGA8 avr: USB 8051/AVR programmer - Free 8051 Microcontroller projects The fuse bits are properly set. (hfuse is 0xc9, lfuse is 0xef) I have loaded the USBasp driver (windows xp) and the programmer is detected successfully. I have tried numerous...
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    [SOLVED] suitable cross reference for ATMLU742

    I recently ordered 24C64 8kx8 Serial CMOS EEPROM and what I got was ATMLU742. The packaging is the same, but I cannot seem to find verification that ATMLU742 is a suitable crossreference for 24C64. Can anybody point me in the right direction? Charles
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    flash memory burn-in processing versus normal processing

    I bought 4 29F010 128K flash memory chips, but I noticed when they arrived, 3 were 29F010B and 1 was 29F010. According to the datasheet for the AM29F010, the B means "burn-in processing" and the absense of a B means "normal processing", but no further details are given. Can anybody explain the...
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    [SOLVED] AT89S52 maximum timer0/1 frequency

    Hello, I am generating a square wave pulse using the AT89S52 and I am trying to figure out why the maximum pulse frequency I can generate is far less than what I thought the maximum frequency that the timer0/1 could operate at on the AT89S52. Using the code below, the max frequency I am...

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