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    GDS Straming in issue

    Hi, I am having problems streaming in GDS files of Custom Analog blocks from Cadence Virtuso into Synopsys Astro.Only the layers matching in both the tech files of being streamed in properly and others are missing. Did anyone face this problem. Do you have a gdsInLayer.map file for the Cadence...
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    Synopsys .lib generation help

    synopsys lib hi, I want to create .libs for custom IO cells and some analog blocks. Idea is to use this .libs in the Astro for timing driven P&R. Guys do u know any methadology how this can be done. Thx in Advance
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    How to generate a Astro TDF File

    astro tdf hi Everybody, We are going to start physical implementation of a chip and we recieved a preliminary IO spreadsheet that will be used to drive the chip IO. I would like to know the methadology used to generate a Astro TDF file for generating the pad ring. This can be done manually...
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    Charge Collecting Antenna fixing using Astro & Hercules

    antenna fixing Hi everybody, I am trying to do Antenna Fixing at chip level using Astro and Hercules.I did the antenna fixing using jumper insertion and diode insertion and some Antenna violation got cleared. Astro's internal engine dont see any more Antenna vioaltions after that but...
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    what is COT(Customer owned tooling)

    Could someone explain what COT means exactly.Any links would also be fine.
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    How does job market for VLSI Engineers in Canada look like?

    Hi all, How is job market for VLSI Engineers in Canada.
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    Difference between acceleration and emulation

    Hi all, Can someone please tell me the difference between acceleration and emulation regards, Rakesh
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    The function of a lock-up latch

    Hi, A lockup latch is used to prevent data corruption caused by overwriting of new data over the present data before the clock edge occurs. i.e there is a potential problem of data coming early and overwriting the present actual which has to be fed. This can be prevented by placing a...

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