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    MPC7410 flashing issue - my code is not downloading to flash

    28f640j3 codewarrior Dear All, I have used MPC7410 PPC in my design along with TSI107. My boot flash(28F640J3) is residing on RCS0# of TSI and the data flash(28F128J3) on RCS2# of TSI. SDRAM is interfaced to TSI_CS0#. Hence there is no direct SRAM on the MPC7410 data bus. Now i am trying to...
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    Problem in program downloading with ROM version for MPC860

    We have designed a board using MPC860 processor. On the Board we have two Numbers of 1MB x 16 bit RAM arranged as 1MB x 32 bit and two numbers of 4MB x 16 bit Flash(AM29LV641DH) arranged as 4MB x 32 bit We are using Code warrior 8.5 IDE for firmware development and Ethernet TAP Pro for...
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    How can I access I2C bus in VGA Port

    why i2c at vga port Hi All, I am trying to test VGA Connector of PC, in that i can not find any method to directly access the I2C lines in VGA. Is it possible to send some data on i2c lines using programming or not i don't. Please Help.. tnx Imran
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    vhdl module for printer port

    i8255 vhdl code Hi every budy, Can any budy know or give me the VHDL code for printer side functionality. I am trying tough to implement the same specially sequencing the status signals. please help. tnx Imran
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    how do i initialize SMC in MPC860

    Hi All, I have problem facing in initialization of SMC-UART module in MPC860, i can't able to communicate with rs232 driver. the code is written in assembly. I have also initialize the DPRAM section to access the SMC registers. The buffers for TX and RX are also initilized in DPRAM itself and...
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    MPC860 Initialization CS generation

    Hi all, does anybody know CS generation initialization for MPC860 gpcm module. regards Imran
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    Problem initialization GPCM in MPC860

    mpc860 gpcm Hi All, I have some problem in initialization the gpcm module for generating CSs. Below is brief summery of my prceedings. If any budy knows plz help..... 1. I am using Motorola MCP860 with Flash, SRAM, & other devices. 2. I am able execute the code before i initialize the gpcm...
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    motorola MC9S12DP256 CLK & POWER SECTION

    motorola clk HI All, I am carriying design with microcontroller MC9S12DP256. There are some issues with CLOCK and Power section. Can anybody post the reference design for this Microcontroller. I am using Crystal oscillator, whethere to connect XTAL to GND or left unconnected in this case...
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    USB HID keyboard interface firmware

    usb hid set german key Dear All, I am trying to write a firmware to interface USB keyboard with SL811HS, i have some problems with it . EP1, address 1 has been assigned to Slave device and it is configured. I dont know how to receive the key "pressed" from the keyboard. ( what is the...
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    Altera cyclone FPGA clock enable issue in QuartusII software

    Hi All, I am using Altera cyclone device EP1C6Q240C7. I am able to program and implement the design and it is working. I have implemented the DPRAM in device and using CLK0 & CLK1 pins of FPGA as two seperate clock for DPRAM. But i analyze the clock is not getting enabled, b'coz Compilation...
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    problem in configuring cyclone FPGA

    conf_done never goes high Hi All, I am facing problem while configuring cyclone device, i have the below setup which will give a brief picture of board & my setup. 1. I have Altera EP1C6Q240 device and configuration-device EPCS1S18. 2. I am able to program the configuration device...
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    problem in running dsp TMS320LF2407A prog

    tms320lf2407a Hi All, I have program TMS320LF2407A through TI serial Program Flash Utilty. It programed succesfully(prog compiled through CCS2000). I have taken care of scsrg registers also. but my program is not working(it is not running at all because iam getting default clockout that is...
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    Problem with TI MSC1211y5

    Dear all, when i write 0xfe into HCR0 register using startup.a51 my program works fine.. whereas when i wanted to write into program memory i have to enable PML bit. ie i wrote 0xbe into HCR register.My program gets reset again and again .. I thought this might be problem with watchdog timer...
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    AHDL syntax clarification

    ahdl syntax Hi all... Pl see the below code and explain, how it evalvates a constant with bus in AHDL.. var1[9..0] = var2[9..0]+12; And is the following syntax valid for bus decleration..(want only these lines in bus) add_bus[15,14,10..0] reply if any knows. regards!
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    Altera Simulation Problem

    Hi all.., I am using Altera Quartus II 4.1 ver, there is problem in simulation, 1. The signals are automatically generated as results instead of existing signals in stimulus file, but the reults are not changing in the orignal signals, how to disable this or to get orignal signals activated...

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