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    Help me with my code (CCS) for testing a PIC

    Re: PIC Behaving strange To rpisharody, I think: * You should better post your schematics which you used to run the above code. This could make everybody easy to talk. * As someone in this thread recommended, you should pay some attention to #fuses. * I think the code is no wrong. But, you...
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    Project to replace CY7C64613 in the ICD2

    Oh, Thank Potyo very much. Ok, I will try this. Added after 6 minutes: Hehe, I really did not take any idea on this thing. I really don't know it. Thanks. Yeah, I know it, but the problem of the circuit is not just that. Added after 4 minutes: You're not alone, Mspike, not alone...
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    Project to replace CY7C64613 in the ICD2

    I don't understand your idea. What you mean? Is it "first plug in USB, wait 10-20secs, then open MPLAB (or enable ICD2 as Programmer)" ?
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    Project to replace CY7C64613 in the ICD2

    I think you should build a PG1 Dongle Programmer from olimex (h**p://www.olimex.com/dev/pic-pg1.html). It works fine on some PCs, and in some other PCs , it doesn't work. Added after 5 minutes: Yes, I have problem like yours, Bungee! sometimes PC detects ICD2 USB, sometimes it not know what...
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    Project to replace CY7C64613 in the ICD2

    Yes, It's my PCB version 2. Here is my USB ICD2 PCB! Now, with small dimension in one layer, it has only 8 jumpers. I have tested it. It works like a BMW car! Hehe! All the value of Components is OK. Note: I use schmatics PICs had posted. With no VPP regulator
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    Project to replace CY7C64613 in the ICD2

    Do not etch your board if you use my PCB. Because I have found an error on it. I will post the right one soon. Sorry for the mistake.
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    adc with pic16f877 using ccs c compiler

    ccs c adc Source code for ADC you can get it in folder "Examples" in your CCSC folder.
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    Project to replace CY7C64613 in the ICD2

    hi , this line not go anywhere. just take a look at the pcb and you will see that. Added after 2 minutes: Hi NICK7, It's a nice job!
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    PIC to PIC Communication

    Oh, I think this is easy to communicate 2 PIC 16f84A. I remember that 16f84a has UART module, which use for communicate serial (like RS232). You do not need a MAX232 because you don't need to change the voltage (remember PC RS232 volatge logic is from -25V to 25V). So, that's all. If Im wrong...
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    How to merge a picture into a *.mex file in orCAD?

    dxf to orcad It's Ok I knew how to. Just convert the bmp file to dxf file then import dxf to orcad.
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    Project to replace CY7C64613 in the ICD2

    Hey, do not lie every one. Do you really drive your ICD2 well , hehe! I got stuck with inductor sale mans. Oh, f*ck him, gave me the wrong inductor. I post the inductor calculator here for someone have the same problem...
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    How to merge a picture into a *.mex file in orCAD?

    orcad company logo Please anybody know how to merge a picture into the max file ? I have seen some board posted on this forum have a picture in it. It really fun! I mean if you can have a picture or a logo (like the one of Microchip) on your board, then it must seem very Pro!!!
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    Project to replace CY7C64613 in the ICD2

    To Chamera: Thank you very much, I have found the inductor. So, my problem is solved. Thank you! Here is my PCB, schematic redraw, all in pdf. I hope I can give a hand to this thread. And hope it is useful for all of you. The Header-4 pin is the USB connector, just solder 4 wire of USB cable...
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    Project to replace CY7C64613 in the ICD2

    Hi! Does anyone know the usage of Inductos L1,L2 in the schematics which is posted here by PiCs? I'm not sure about it. In my country, it hard to find some inductor like that . Could I make an inductor by hand? I.e , use a iron stick and wires? Anyway, I have routed the board from schemtics of...
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    How to make a gearded motor for a self mobile robot?

    Re: robotics motors problem Yeah, I think all the things you wanna do is not as simple as you thought. If you wanna make a REAL Robot (like ASIMO), you must learn much (Control System, Electronics, Mechanics,...) . But , If you just want to make a Robot like the Robots on the ROBOCON (Robot...
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    How to drive DC servo motor using step/dir signals ?

    Re: servo motor controller "how can i drive dc servo motor by using step/dir signals" <---- This is not enough information. You want to drive what? The Velocity or the Position? All is Ok! Just use PID. It is simple and easy to use. Don't ask me what is PID because you can find it on this...
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    Fuzzy controller in practice ?

    Thank you! More info I have reached: Use fuzzyTECH to design fuzzy system and then compile it to other language (Matlab M file, Hex for PIC, for 68HC Moto,...) Use Fuzzy toolboz of Matlab to design and simulate.
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    How to stable the simple DC motor.

    Case1: YOU DON'T NEED TO CONTROL THE VELOCITY OF MOTOR. The car doesn't go forward because the motors is not equal. I mean the right motor can stronger than the left one. Assume that the Right is > the Left. Then you take a Pot (variable resistor) series with the Right motor...
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    Fuzzy controller in practice ?

    fuzzy suzeno model I have read books on fuzzy logic and fuzzy control, but not any idea on how to really control my plant using the PIC micro. I mean how can I write code for the PIC to behave like a fuzzy controller? Using MATLAB and Simulink just for simulation. Anybody please help me on...
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    Need help on PID!!! F1 F1 F1 !!!

    Thanks! yeah T is contanst. I see you make Ki/2= KI. So the Ki constant is not the Ki in PID controller, right? I am not sure 100% about my equation. What the error? please help me. This equation, I caclculated my self. Yes, It is different a little from the PID equation that I found on the...

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