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    looking for a 360 degree tilt switch [crosspost from DIY]

    I'm looking for a cheap 360 degree tilt switch Hey there. I'm looking for a cheap tilt switch to detect if something is knocked over. I'm looking to spend about $2. Digikey/Mouser have very limited options in that price range-- about 3 to be exact. I want to test a couple different...
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    Pros/Cons of Multisim Blue vs KiCAD vs DesignSpark

    Hi folks, I'm sure this question comes up a lot but it's hard to find a good comparison. I'm looking for a new free schematic/routing software. Having a large library parts database is nice, but I prefer to make my own parts, so really I'm more interested in what is easiest to make parts...
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    is the turns ratio of a transformer an indication of inductance ratios?

    Hi i'm looking at this transformer, P3855.006 (21uH) https://productfinder.pulseeng.com/products/datasheets/P719.pdf it says primary inductance is 21uH. But turns ratio, for one set of the xfrms, is 1.33:1. So is that side also 21uH or does it scale to 16uH? Im designing a boost converter...
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    dsPIC33 : If i enable a ADC peripheral, does each GPIO on the port become ADC-only?

    https://ww1.microchip.com/downloads/en/DeviceDoc/70000657H.pdf Datasheet for reference ^ i'm looking at this PIC because i like the large number of IO, as well as ADC/SPI available. i'd like to have an ADC channel. there are up to 8 channels you can mux in to the ADC. my situation is: i only...
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    what's a simple way to get a mean/average value of an audio signal?

    I'll probably end up using an ADC on a microcontroller, but i'd like to do this in an analog fashion. i want to take an audio signal, say 200-10k Hz, and see what it's average value is. i've seen the rectifier circuits with the RC on it, but it gives too much ripple on the output. accuracy...
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    What kind of electrical motor can resist motion when stopped?

    I'm not very well versed in motors. I'm looking for a motor (DC or AC, i really don't know the difference, probably DC, seems easier to design a control system). It needs to be able to move in both directions, but also have an ability to "stop" and resist motion. But also, I'd like to to be...
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    simple 555 polarity inverter voltage droops from very low

    This is the circuit: https://www.aaroncake.net/circuits/vinvertr.asp With no load it does fine. But by the time it gets to 50mA it's down to -3V. Ideally I'd only exchange components here. I used all the parts shown except I used schottky diodes ( IN5819 ). I had a IN4007 in there before...
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    How do you arbitrarily move the dc bias of a signal to a bias point

    I have a signal that can be anywhere from .5 - 2 V pk-pk but at varying levels of DC offset (anywhere from 1 - 2 V). I want to just set the DC mean value of these signals to, say, 2.5V across the board. Is this possible? Thank you.
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    Guitar Effect Pedals: Question about powered/biased input jacks and modulation

    Hello, Take, for instance, this schematic: https://www.muzique.com/schem/fuzzface.gif First, why is this input jack boosted by 9V? It's often boosted or lowered by 9V and I can't really understand why. Next: I want to modulate a square or triangle wave with my input signal. So say my input...
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    I need a simple sine and triangle wave generator IC

    I need to create a sinewave and a triangle wave, with pot adjustable amplitude, frequency, and phase. Are there ICs capable of doing this? Otherwise can you point me to some schematics to create them with opamps? Currently, the signal shaping stages of schematics I see seem to be very very...
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    18F4610 won't flash LED appropriately

    below is my full code. #include <p18f4610.h> #pragma config OSC = INTIO67 //Internal oscillator, xtal becomes output #pragma config WDT = OFF //Turn off watch dog timer #pragma config LVP = OFF //LVP off int i; void main(void){ OSCCON = 0b01110000; //8MHZ clock OSCTUNEbits.PLLEN =...
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    How do you use ISCP to program a PIC?

    How do you use ICSP to program a PIC? Hello, I have the following USB programmer, and plan on programming with MPLAB C18 https://www.canakit.com/Media/Manuals/UK1301.pdf The PIC in question is a 18F4610. I'm confused about the "LVP" mode--the programmer isn't intended to program low voltage...
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    How do I take 8 bits from ADC and have it communicate with USB?

    I want to find a transceiver that I can hook my 8 bit ADC up to, so that I can access all the bits via USB and recreate my signal on the computer. I've never interfaced electronics with a PC before so I don't really know where to begin. I was thinking of a 3-state transceiver but then I feel...
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    What sort of batteries are best for solar applications with a constant,heavy DC load?

    I don't really know much about batteries. There will be many charge/discharge cycles, since the battery will be used all night. (this makes me think lead-acid might not be the best choice). Also, it will be relatively high power (I'm not sure of the scale yet, but please mention capacities in...
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    Can you adivse me in design of SCALABLE systems

    I'm designing a solar powered battery charger, and it delivers power to a load. So I have: 1. a resistive load, with a constant current source to ensure a certain power drain. 2. I have a certain number of solar panels, all in parallel, at, say 50V 3. I have a certain size battery, and I need...
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    What sort of limitations do DC-DC converters have? Can I go 10kV - 10V?

    Or will that require an inverter --> transformer --> DC Bridge - - - Updated - - - and also, what is the difference between using them in series or parallel? If i have a static load, and a DC-DC converter to get to a certain voltage, how does it matter how they were hooked up?
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    Is there a high-GPIO count PIC with through hole leads, instead of SMD?

    I want to control a matrix of LEDs for a little light show project. I want to run a grid of 18x18 LEDs and need 36+ IO but can only find that as an SMD package. I don't know if it's even possible to place SMD components down and hook them up to all my discrete LEDs, so I'm wondering if there...

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