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    How to select the frequency of oscillator in auto zero amplifier design?

    Hi, Could you please tell me how to select the freqency of the osc in auto zero amplifier design? Is any paper explain this problem? Thanks and regards,
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    how can i get the PSR of a loop?

    Hi friends how can i simulate the PSR In a closed loop? I don't know which node should be measured. And what's value of a loop's PSR in genaral????
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    equivalent capacitor value of Li-ion battery.......

    capacitor value Hi; I want to use a capacitor instead of the Li-ion battery in the charger simulation. who can tell me the equivalent capacitor value of the Li-ion battery? I want a actual approximation. Thanks!!
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    How to simulate the input-offset voltage ????

    input referred offset Hi, How to simulate the input-offset voltage and the systematic offset voltage of an op amp??
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    How to design the sub-block's on-chip test mode???

    hello i am a newbie in the design of test mode , i want a tutorial that has fundamentals and concepts of how to design on-chip test mode in a good manner i.e. general rule and constraints ..etc....note that i dont mean the roles that depend on the technology ,,i mean general ones,,,,,,thanks
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    HELP---Problems about Test Mode

    Hi I want to know what's test mode. If there are any rules in the design of the test mode. I only have a example about it, but i can not understand all the rules of the test mode. who can provide me any papers or advice? Thanks!
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    Can anybody provide me some papers about bandgap comparator?

    bandgap comparator thanks!!!!
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    Concepts of Turn-on Breakdown

    Hi, I have a MOS model that will occur breakdown when Vds>4V,which is called turn-on breakdown. If the FET in cut off region and Vds>4V, will it occur breakdown? Is the term turn-on breakdown means the FET will breakdown when it is work(Vgs>Vth)? Can anyone give me a document or...
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    Help--about Ron of POWERMOS

    hi, who can tell me how to simulate the Ron of Power MOS FET and get a typical value??? thanks

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