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    I need help choosing proper filter for PLL design

    PLL Filter Design"? Hi ALL, I use "4046 Chip " as a PLL with a reference frequency of 50 Hz " Power Frequency" with a divider in feedback N=60 "two 4017 Chips" and using Phase Comparator 2 to obtain zero degree phase shift between input and output when in lock, the VCO is a wave generation...
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    I need some commercial advice about technical software

    Hi, I am planning to produce a software that help in electrical design automation., but, i want to know the trends available for me to market and sale this software commercially and protect it...any advice???
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    What is the relation between system capcity and impedance?

    What is the relation " Math. " between the system " source, bus-bar, Generator, DC Supply, .." capacity (S) and the internal impedance of it?. Any system has an internal impedance which isn't zero, which means any current drained from it , will make a voltage drop and regulation then arises, is...
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    How can I size a cable for a motor?

    Hi all How can i size a cable for a motor?i mean do i have to multiply the rated cuurent by a factor to compensate the starting current capacity heating for the cable?
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    Where to put the driving motor for automated gate system?

    Gates Automation Hi all, I need to start a work into gates automation. after modeling the gate system as an inertia element depending on gate weight and geometry, i didn't decide yet where to put the driving motor, two assumptions for me are available:- 1- Under the pivote axis , the motor will...
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    SMPS common ilogical problem

    HI ALL, A common problem repeated with me ,and with some other engineers,regarding the SMPS,is that it stop responding at all for a while,and when u open it ,and touch any thing inside,it starts to do. I have no explaination for this other than accumulated static charge on one or more legs of...
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    how to program 68HC11 far from its expensive board

    Hi all any can help me find a schematic for a board interfacing the 68HC11 to PC to burn it??
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    why fault current in a delta connected power system??

    delta fault current Hi all It is known that the Delta connected generator has no neutral point,and no earthing there.then ,why it is getting faulty current when a phase closes the ground loop!!??
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    Is it better to use PWM with DC Chopper to control DC motor?

    noise using pwm to control dc motor Hi all, Controlling DC motor with a DC chopper is a well known matter,but,using PWM technique with DC motor seems strange with me!!as we use it in AC systems to improve the harmonic behaviour of the output current"both load and network current...

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