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    Circuit for Edge Detection of a digital signal

    Hi, I want to design a self timed circuit in which two inputs affect the output. When input1 goes from 0 to 1, the output becomes 1 and when input 2 goes from 1 to 0, the output becomes 0. There is no change in the output for other transitions of the inputs. It looks easy but I am not able to...
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    Ultrasonic receiver and transmitter

    I tried making a ultrasonic transmitter and receiver using the information given in the following link https://www.leang.com/robotics/info/articles/minison/minison.html I made the transmitter and reciever circuits. Both the circuits individually work fine i.e. the frequency of both the...
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    Communication between robots using microwave frequency

    I wanted to ask if microwave frequencies(not RF) be used for communication between two autonomous robots over a range of few metres which are using Atmel micro-processors. Are there any ready-made modules for this purpose? Can u suggest any tutorials for the same.

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