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    Home thermometer version 2.0 by skomy

    nice work friend
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    compilation error MikroC , PIC16F877A

    u can change the mc to 18f452 pin compitable with high memory configuration, also check the compiler version
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    Visual Basic - Graphical Interface

    using mscomm activex is always good, as u amy have vb.net tehn u have a flexibility to use the the active x control in ur code
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    how to run a c program in LINUX?

    running a c program in linux is easy , there is acompiler named gcc 1. type a c/c++ program in gedit ediotr 2 save it with extension .C 3 open termianl/command promot gcc -o filename.c 4. the output will be printed easily
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    Help with Fuzzy C to be used on PIC 16F74

    useing fuzzy logic is easy in fuzzytech pro but to use it in pic16 u soud use mickro biasic so that ur code from fuzzy tech can be converted to hex Added after 8 minutes: mikro baic for use here
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    PIC Project: Converting a thermal fax machine into a printer

    Re: PIC Project: Converting a thermal fax machine into a pri u can try for pic18f4252 series with the usb connectivity, if u have any schemitcs on the project tell me i can help u in that
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    oregano's 8051 VHDL code in FPGA

    u can use xilinx ise webpack for ur design the useis very easy can find the help in www.xilinx.com/ise
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    communication between PICs (nearly 10 meters)

    the enc28j60 solution really good buit has some interoperating problems why do u not think about microchip devices for an mcp2515 & mcp 2510 or other can interconnects the library is available in ccs or even in mplab itself. best for long distance wired sloution
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    What to use thermocouple or thermistor???

    if it is just for demo then use LM35dz simple eazy temperature sensor with direct output without any processing required, if it need precision use lm35 & interface it with a microsontroller for processing
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    Which C compiler can work with ARM7?

    Re: c compiler for ARM7? as u must have known by now that keil is a good option if u want to use the gui the same c compiler form cygnus gcc is available in command prompt version if u want i can upload the same for u
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    Solar panel that can charge up a battery

    R (Ohms) 3.9 4.7 5.6 6.8 8.2 10 12 15 18 22 27 33 I (mA) 321 266 223 184 152 125 104.2 83.3 69.4 56.8 46.3 37.9
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    help required, 2x12 Volt solar panel to charge 12 v battery

    Re: help required, 2x12 Volt solar panel to charge 12 v batt if u need the output of the solar pannel to charge the circuit then use a 12V + regulator before your application circuit. the use of bypass diode can be a good option
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    Help me with a project: how to remove dust from solar panel

    Re: Help me with a project: how to remove dust from solar pa if removing dust form the pannel is the project then cover it with glass check it periodically if u want to make automatic then use an LDR motor drive connected to a viper to remove the dust would be a easy choice
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    Read Voltage From Solar Panel - ADC Questions

    friends i dont think the output voltage of the solar pannel is analog in nature it gives a proportional output voltge. so no problem in that 0-5V or based on the pannel ADC input of pic can be used for scaling
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    can ADC read varying offset voltage ?

    configure pic adc input with vref=2.5V as u say the input signal is varying u can have a 1Mohms resistance before the pin to scale down the voltage if it is AC 220V use a 6Mohms resistance
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    problem in PIC16f877a (hardware)

    if u are using ISIs for the circuit simulation then no need to show the VCC & Gnd pins they are taken care of . now about the schematics connect the MLCR pin to +5v, connect 330ohms resistr to led then ground, the program should be #include"16f877A.h" # use delay(clock=16000000) main() {...
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    C coding help in MPLAB C18

    double to ascii c18 please go through the data sheet of the of the target processor and see the equation for the analog to digital conversation. the result in the ADC resister can be converted to the voltage and displayed on the LCD depending on the LCd the diaplay code will change
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    Speed Control of DC Motor using PIC16F877?

    pic16f877a pwm dc moter conrolee progame the code for the motor control using the encoder is same in ccs or mikroe as the output of incoder will be connected to the input of the microcontroller use optiical incoder
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    Ideas for PIC project topic for BTech final year

    kitsnspares identify the area and then decide the topic, the suggestion are very vage as the work aound it may lead to a project mail me regarding ur problems i can try to resolve them
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    PIC18F452 Hangs when GIE set in Specific PCB

    if in CCS u have a problem resolving he global interrupt u can disble it at runtime using the timer config modeules please check not sure about this

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