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    915MHz mixer design - parts needed

    HELP! substitutes needed I'm working on a 915MHz mixer design, and just run into a challenge of unavailability of these components 1.Varactor diode BB131 (philips) 2.Feedback amplifier transistor AT-41486 (agilent) 3.Schottky diode BAT15-04W 4.RF transformer JTX-2-10T pls I need suggestions...
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    I need a simulator for RF/microwave circuits

    Re: RF simulation thanks for the advice.just about trying google out
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    I need a simulator for RF/microwave circuits

    RF simulation Please I need a simulator for RF/microwave circuits I am designing a mixer and I need to simulate my work so far because I'm doing it in stages. Please help!
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    Latest RF tutorial uploaded

    power amplifier tutorial i've been looking for an ocillator circuit for my project for sometime and this site has just been of help to me. thanks for sharing
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    915 MHz MIXER- need help with the whole working circuit

    915 MHz MIXER Pls I have this project to work on and I don't have a circuit diagram to implement it. Pls I need help cos time is running out. I have rather broken it down to its constituent block diagram 1. Local Oscillator to generate the carrier 2. A frequency multiplier in case I cannot get...
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    915 Mhz mixer design - need deliverables to carry it out

    Re: 915 Mhz mixer design No I have not received any specs Added after 2 minutes: i think I need to design using diodes or tansistors i will be very happy to get the circuit design
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    915 Mhz mixer design - need deliverables to carry it out

    915 Mhz mixer design pls I just got this project and nees all the deliverables to carry it out...pls help
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    wireless Update scrolling LED display

    OK Thanks. How do I go about it?
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    wireless Update scrolling LED display

    Thanks a lot I can use GSM, RF or bluetooth depending on the most feasible. Never heard of Zigbee. Added after 7 minutes: Thanks I've seen the site.but I don't know how readily it's available. I'll try to find out more about it
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    send data to ucontroller

    Thanks fr the post what about sending data wireless to the PIC?
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    wireless Update scrolling LED display

    gsm wireless led display tutorials Please Help I'm working on a scrolling LED display using 5X7 dotmatrix. I'm inplementing on PIC18F series and looking for a means of updating without wires. wireless or infrared using RS232 port. Please I need help.
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    DOT-matrix display(LED matrix) points for a good design.

    proteus led matrix Is it possible to design a scrolling LED display without using shift registers? Added after 5 minutes: I actually want to solder the led matrix myself...
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    Microcontroller Programming Tutorials for Newbie

    microcontroller programming video tutorial nice woek guys, thanks
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    technical report writing

    pls I'll need a book on technical report writing. any author that's easy to comprehend!
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    communication systems by A. Bruce Carlson

    communication systems by A. Bruce Carlson is a recomended text for my course. Can any1 help out??
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    Looking for basic Java 2 books

    pls could any1 upload a basic java 2 book. say java2 for dummies? Added after 10 minutes: anything on java 2 that's not too advanced would be fine. tis not loike i'm keen on the dummies thingy
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    Digital and analog communication systems

    digital and analog communication systems Digital and analog communication systems by K Sam Shanmugam seem to be one of the rarest books, but i'm hoping someone can link me to it!!
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    numerical methods texts

    is there any1 who knows where a complete version of advanced engineering maths by KREYZIG can be downloaded?
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    microcontoller novice

    hello. Please i need suggestions on very good books on microcontollers/PICs. Links to free ones will be really appreciated. Also was programming language is best for them.... can i use java?
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    1.5 volt tracking transmitter

    thanks guys. I already used a 555 timer

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