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    about low current LDO MPC1710 only 20na

    in standard cmos process . how to working in na current ? I ever try use mos current mirror when bias cureent less < 0.1ua some die have fail yield loss .. even simulation by hspice is ok , but real silicion have fail die how to design total 20na LDO ?? bandgap need current , OPA also...
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    REHL 4.5 can run on efi bios ??

    new CPU I7 + chipset also use efi bios , no legacy bios mode like asus motherboard .. and REHL 4.x or RHEL 5 can nor install on I7 .. how about eda tool in RHEL 6 ? IC610 , hspice , eldo also work fine on RHEL 6? or not thank you
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    Transconductance Amp how to driving large capacitive load

    Transconductance Amp how to driving large capacitive load ? I need gm function , input v2-v1 /(R) = I , constant Gm = Io/ (V2-v2) if my circuit need GM cell , I think 2 way , 1. use OPA and resistor connect V->I make 2. use OTA but as I know , OTA can not driver large capacitive...
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    [SOLVED] about operation input offset cancel

    some paper talk about auto zero, or chopper , but in analog IC if use auto zero .. how about auto zero signal clock ?? if op amp input 0~100mv very small . and signal < 1Khz .. auto zero clock can use 100Khz ? other problem is output signal need low pass filter , but low frequency clock...
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    [SOLVED] about cmos bandgap accuracy

    If I use tradation OPA + 2 diode cmos bandgap .. how about this type accuracy ? target is accuracy  < 1mv  VCC=5v and temp from -50 ~ +155 . but , I think if I need < 1mv , at first , I need offset small than 1mv OP AMp . which architecture OPA can meet this specification ? or use Auto...
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    [SOLVED] hspice how to measure temp in DC sweep

    I can use .tran sweep many temperature and measure it but If only use dc sweep temp like this .dc temp -40 150 0.5 and I want to measure temp=20 Va=? and temp=150 Va=? how to write out .measure script ?
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    [SOLVED] Inetl I7 CPu vs AMD cpu run spice

    i7 processor vs amd I7 920 2.6Ghz I7 920 Over clock 4Ghz AMD P II 550 C2D Q9550 over clock to 4Ghz which type cpu run eda is fast ??
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    wich schematic tool is easy use on windows OS platform ??

    for XP VISTA mentor eProduct =dxdesigner = workview Laker ADP = AMS => cohesion ECS Tanner sedit Dolphin Sled Orcad Pspice scehmatic smartspice schematic ?? ============ I think ecs/hds
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    [SOLVED] Have any analog circuit synthesis tool ?

    analog circuit synthesis like keyin OPA speci .. and will automatic synthesis analog circuit

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