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    Design a simple pipelined processor

    Hello, I have to do a scool project with the folowing topic: "The idea of this project is to design a simple pipelined processor, Mini-MIPS, which is a subset of the 32-bit MIPS architecture as described in the textbook (Appendix A). Mini-MIPS uses the same 3 instruction formats of MIPS (R, I...
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    Problem with ARM assembly language simple program

    ARM QUESTION Hello, I’m new on ARM microprocessors and I’m trying to get running my first ARM assembly language program “HelloWorld”. The program was taken from the book “ARM System on Chip Architecture” – Second Edition, by Steve Furber and the IDE I’m using is ARM Developer Suite v1.2...
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    ARM free core, verification tools & assembly language co

    ARM Related I’m looking for ARM free Core, verification tools and assembly language code. Thank you!
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    Ideas for school ARM microprocessor project

    Hello, I have to do a school project using ARM microprocessor. The teacher didn’t define clearly what we have to do, but he said that could be something like a SoC, using an ARM Core and implementing it on a FPGA or a board system using an ARM microcontroller or microprocessor. In both...
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    Resources about designing 128 bit adders

    Hello, I have to do a school project on adder circuits. Using any adder type I wish, I have to design two different 128 bit adders. I have to develop the VHDL code at the structural level, synthesize it, and analyze the merit of each design and to compare and comment on results. Optional...
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    How to convert PCBs from Allegro to PowerPCB ?

    Translation I have to translate some PCB-s from Allegro to PowerPCB and some schematics from OrCAD to ePD ( Viewlogic). Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks!
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    Looking for some IPC specifications

    I*P*C specs I need some I*P*C specs. - I*P*C-D-316; - I*P*C-6018; - I*P*C-L-125A; - I*P*C-4101. May anybody help me? Thank you!
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    IP*C-21*41 sp*ec. needed please

    IP*C-21*41 sp*ec. I need IP*C-2141 spec. Does anybody have it? Thank you!

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