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    Orcad error: Cannot load a metric netlist on top of an english board or template.

    metric.tch Simply point Layout to METRIC.TCH instead of DEFAULT.TCH during creation of new MAX file in Layout METRIC.TCH used for metric boards. If you are designing a board that is using metric units, you should start with the METRIC.TCH The lay_ug.pdf document alsow is very useful BR vladz
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    Req: any useful document about Digital Sampling Scope

    Try these links https://www.bitscope.com and https://www.chocbar.demon.co.uk/download/docs/dso_doc.pdf you may alsow try Google to search for DSO projects vladz
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    Looking for "Digital Signal Processing With FPGAs"

    Re: Looking for "Digital Signal Processing With FPGAs&a chech your PM box, it is on the top of forum index page of elektroda vladz
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    Question about Hold Time violation

    Re: Hold Time Issue!!?? See the Synthesis and Scripting Techniques for Designing Multi-Asynchronous Clock Designs on by Clifford E. Cummings. This paper is available for download at https://www.sunburst-design.com/papers/ He explanes "metastability" and "synchronizers" best reards vladz
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    JTAG Wiggler connections ?

    ocdemon internal error 43 to eltonjohn I know that Wiggler was supported in FastChip 2.2.0. From the command line, start "spiderd -c ARM_Jtag_Wiggler" to use the Wiggler cable with the A7. This uses MaCraigor's ARM drivers. I don't know if this way can be used with E5 chips. vladz
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    REQ: AD1804 - Could anybody share this datasheet ?

    REQ: AD1804 datasheet Hello ! Could anybody share this datasheet ? thanks
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    Please, advice a Single-Chip Camera Module

    Sorry, bobcat1 I havn't found found any camera at www.omnivision.com - they produce only soflware. Do you have other link ? :-) vladz
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    Please, advice a Single-Chip Camera Module

    Please, advice me cheap Single-Chip Camera Module I need something like module on the link https://www.ic-media.com/products/ICM532B.htm but with parallel interface instead of USB. I can't find modules with lens and with parallel interface. vladz
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    @ltera Cyclone power consumption ?

    I plan to use Cyclone EP1C6 in my new design but I can't find any info about Cyclone's power consumption. It is curiously as I know Cyclone is available now. Can anybody share inormation about power consumption of Cyclone devices ? thanks in advance vladz
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    PCMCIA interface for PXA250

    hi, frantak do you really need a CPLD buffer? What do you want to connect via PCMCIA ? For example for connecting to the Ethernet chip SMSC91c111 you only need PSCTSEL, PIOR, IOWR and interrupt signals without any buffers. best regards vladz
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    what irda is it??? HP 113

    the pin 1 is IRED cathode, internally connected to driver transistor it doesn't require any external connection best regards vladz
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    What does mean "over voltage protection" in AC/DC

    Thank you very much ! Your link is very useful best regards vladz
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    What does mean "over voltage protection" in AC/DC

    Pease explain me what does mean "over voltage protection" in in AC/DC switching adapter characteristics ? For example I see the following characteristics: VOLTAGE : AC INPUT 90Vac TO 264Vac, FULL RANGE OUTPUT REQUIREMENTS:+15 V, RATE LOAD 2.2 A PROTECTION : OVER LOAD PROTECTION : AROUND 150...
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    What does mean Punch, Route and Hand Cut regarding to PCB ?

    Thanks a lot for explanations . Now it is clearly for me. vladz
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    What does mean Punch, Route and Hand Cut regarding to PCB ?

    choosing pcb punching or routing Explain me, please, What does mean Punch, Route and Hand Cut regarding to PCB outline ? English is not my native language, so I don't understand cleraly these definition. When I order Route PCB ouline, will I obatin from manufacturer several PCBs joined in one...
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    Help me build a basic FPGA board

    hi ! Do you want build the PCI board or a simple board with testpoints ? I think you may ask questions, here were are a lot of skilled guys. Best regards vladz
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    Ultrasonic Imaging system analog&RF circuit design stuff

    Hi you can try read an article. https://www.analog.com/library/analogDialogue/archives/36-03/ultrasound/UltrasoundFrontend.pdf and there is a literature list on the end of article. best regards vlad
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    Does anybody use Intel XScale with Macraigor OCD Commander ?

    There is a Intel XScale PXA250 menu in OCDCommander, but when I try to connect to PXA 250 I see message "Cable disconnected". Does anybody have successful experience in it ? Thanks vladz
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    Using jstag program for arm7 developing

    hi, keen I see 3 different PC stations with installed Multi2000 v2.0.1, that works with support of debuging via wiggler without problems. I tested it only under Wi98, I don't now if it works under win2000/XP. Could you PM me abut your poblems with Multi2000 ? Vlad
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    Using jstag program for arm7 developing

    iar arm7 jtag lpt As keen wrote you need compiler( for example greenhills) and wigller interface. Schematic of Wiggler is available from https://jtag-arm9.sourceforge.net/hardware.html it is all. Only greenhills supports the Wiggler. With ADS you must use expensive ICE. Best regards Vlad

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