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    Why MC8051 IP core failed in Endless loop?

    MC8051 IP core is used in spartan3e, software is ISE 11.1. While running a program like fllowing, the LEDs wink all the time. Main() { P1=0x55; // P1 is connected to LEDs. delay(30); P1=0xaa; delay(30); } Does mc8051 go to the first place and do it...
  2. J

    The ROM generated by BRAM store data separately, how to use

    Hello, everyone. Now I'm using BRAM to generate 4K ROM for mc8051(Xilinx ISE 11.1, spartan3e). The BRAM instance name, position and data stored are shown as following. BRAM data, Column 01, Row 06. Design instance...

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