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    Where can find TMS320LF2407 EVM SCH & PCB layout

    the schemetic you can download from www.61ic.com but no PCB layout for download.
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    Looking for xds510pp driver for C6000

    Re: need driver for xds510pp you can download from www.seeddsp.com
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    TMS320C54xx. McBSP in SPI Master Mode

    problem mcbsp and spi you can reference tlv5618 application ,i have used vc5402 and tlv5618,they can work well.
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    TMS320C5xxx - MP3 encoder Algorithm

    Re: TMS320C5xxx if you can choose one chip with usb port ,you can simple your task, maybe 5409 is not the best one in 5xxx.
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    How to design an USB based XDS510

    lorenzo lutti +xds510 i think if you use ft245 to replace the smc34c60 maybe simple,if you used other usb chip the driver is difficult.
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    Ideas for senior project using DSK kit

    Re: help request here are many TI dsk schemetics ,maybe you can find whitch you need here. Added after 3 minutes: i am sorry ,i forgot give the site! here are: www.imdsp.com www.61ic.com
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    float data in TMS320VC5402!

    I used c program in tms320vc5402 for float calculation, at start the result is right,but after several miniutes,the result is 0 ,and it is wrong. who knows which problem can get this results,thank you!!
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    Firmware code for SL811HS to interface it as a slave device

    sl811hs code you can ref the u-boot program in the /dirver has the sl811 firmware
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    Need tutorials and papers about implementing embedded tcp/ip stack

    Re: embedded tcp/ip?? you can ref the open source tcp/ip stack lwip is a good stack i think it can be download from www.sourceforge.com
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    VX works! What is that?

    in brief, its a real time embedded operating system, can be used in arm.mips,powrpc,etc microcontroller.
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    Is it possible to clone of the XDS510PP (TI DSP emulator) ?

    Re: Is it possible to clone of the XDS510PP (TI DSP emulator i am doing this job but i cann't buy 74act8990,who knows witch chip can replace it? thank you!
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    pdiusbd12 & 89c51

    here you can find the sch u need: www.51eda.com www.edw.com.cn www.laogu.com
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    Anyone has experience with PDIUSBD12?

    Re: PDIUSBD12 here are many pdiusbd12 drivers www.driverdevelopment.com
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    ARM IDE that uses GCC

    hitool for arm jed-II is fast and use gcc, i have used,really very good tools!
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    maximum throughput of ethernet connection of the LAN9118 LAN controller

    Re: LAN9118 please ref the www.smsc.com you can search lan91118 in the site and find
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    ARM getting start help

    here are the jtag schemetic and dirver (jtag.exe) can used to debug arm7 core! i have used for years . ftp.21ic.com.cn www.edw.com.cn
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    Which compiler is best one for sharp arm mc lh79525 and 524

    Re: best arm compiler sdt2.51 is simple .now ads1.2 is popular ,and you also can use gcc.
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    Looking for free download cables for debugging ARM9 processor

    Re: ARM9 and JTAG here is the schemetic and programme! ftp.21ic.com.cn
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    About White LED driver?

    you can see ltc1206 and the series chips , i have used it !
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    How to reduce the photodiode detect noise?

    I use photodiode to detect the fiber sensors,but the noise is big ,so i can't detect the peek of the pulse ,who knows how to reduce the photodiode detect noise?? thank you!

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