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    where low pass filters are used ?

    Hi, could some1 list me few applications where stepped impedance low pass filters are used frequency range from 0-2.5Ghz? is it used in communication devices ? :?:
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    What is the Difference between Lumped Element and Microstrip

    Hi, I just wanna the difference between a stepped impedance low pass filter using a lumped element and microstrip lines ? and in terms of temperature which one produces more heat at high frequency like 3Ghz. Thanks
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    Stepped impedance Low pass filter

    Hi im kinda new at the microwave filters. i jus need some help with this: design and optimize a stepped impedance low pass filter using a microstrip transmission line with a cut-off frequency of 2.5 GHz. The filter must have more than 20dB insertion loss at 4 GHz with a reference impedance of...

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